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Half a stone in a week?

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AnonymousBird Fri 12-Oct-12 14:54:55

Can it be done? I need to have a routine medical next Thursday and I know from past experience that if I am just under a certain stone weight, it will make the whole thing a load easier than if I am just over in terms of follow ups and other checks etc. It's been booked in at fairly short notice and it is hard (almost impossible) for me to postpone.

SO, the question is, am I likely to lose approx 8lbs between now and next Thursday if I live on mostly apples and soup plus a small evening meal, or do I just not have a chance?!

I do actually need to lose up to one stone, it's just crept on over the past few months following an injury and less exercise, so it will do me good to kick start anyway! Clearly, I realise that in order to lose weight to keep it off I need to take a slightly longer term view, but this is short term need and I need a short term solution!


sweetheart Fri 12-Oct-12 15:23:44

It really depends how big you are in the first place. My BMI is around 25-30 and I've tried pretty much every diet on the planet and the most I have ever lost in 1 week is 7Ibs and that was doing the Cambridge diet where you basically have only 400 - 600 calories a day made up of mostly protein. Do you have to go under a general anethetic for this medical thing? I wouldn't recommend doing anything like that to your body if you do.

DuttonsForButtons Fri 12-Oct-12 15:28:13

I can lose about 6lbs in a week if I need to, my BMI is 22 so in the middle of the healthy range.
I have done it recently to lose some holiday weight after a fortnight away. I kept to a calorie controlled diet of 800 calories a day, plenty of water, fruit and veg, no bread and as little sugar and fat as possible, no eating after 7pm at night.
8lbs in a week is quite a lot to lose, unless you are quite big already, I know that when I was bigger (BMI 30+) I could lose more in a week than I can now.

Viperidae Fri 12-Oct-12 15:38:15

I have a HUUUGE BMI but find I lose more weight on low carb than on any other diets including the shake ones. You could try following the bootcamp rules (see diet threads on here), I have lost 11lb in just under 2 weeks and they are usually even more effective if you have not tried them before.

Aquelven Fri 12-Oct-12 16:31:05

Yes, I did it when I was due a BP check last year!

South Beach diet, really stuck to the initiation faze, drastically!
Ate each day...two boiled eggs for breakfast. Couple of slices of packet lean ham with just lettuce,cucumber, onion & six cherry tomatoes for lunch.
Dinner was either a small, skinless chicken breast or a salmon fillet (got a bag of frozen ones from Aldi) with just veg like broccoli, cauli, cabbage.
No carrots, beet root, fruit, or juice. NO BOOZE.
Lots of water & if I got ravenous stick of celery with a triangle of that Skinny Cow,or some name, cheese crammed in it.

Didn't think I'd stick to it but I did, for a fortnight, lost half a stone the first week & another three pounds the second.
Have put all the weight back on since mind so need to do it again for next check up. blush

eagerbeagle Fri 12-Oct-12 17:10:10

I've lost 8lb in one week on the Dukan attack phase. It sucked big time. But I did lose weight and more besides in the following weeks. Switched to the more boring weight watchers after a while and maintaining now.

Will still low carb for a few days if I overdo it to maintain and find it very effective to shift a few pounds quickly.

Hopefully Fri 12-Oct-12 17:23:42

Agree with others that serious low carb is really your only chance, as you will lose any carb-related bloat as well as actual fat. I am not terribly big at all, but lose about 4lbs in the first 6-7 days of low carbing.

mutny Fri 12-Oct-12 17:27:11

8lbs is alot if you only have a stone to lose. I have about 3 stone left to lose and I can lose, at the most, 6lb a week. That is on a low carb diet and hitting the gym 5 times per week.
I would give it a go, but you need to be strict.

AnonymousBird Fri 12-Oct-12 18:32:09

Thanks all. Suspect I may not lose it all, but a few pounds even will help.. I'll blame the extra time the dog stays with MIL these days, I used to march out with the dog at least 5-6 days a week, in the last 2-3 months, she's been at MIL's loads so I am walking much less....

I should be 10.5 stone (and in a perfect world 9.5-10!!), I am hovering around/just under 11.5 and I REALLY want to be as close to 11 as I possibly can be for the medical. It's a work related, insurance thing. I just know they do that whole raise the eyebrow thing, start saying "need to refer for special measures, monitor you, examine your diet and exercise regime, see you again in 3 months" etc bla bla bla bollox, and in my case the key weight seems to be 11 stone.

TheMightyMojoceratops Fri 12-Oct-12 18:40:17

The Harcombe Diet Phase 1 tends to shift about 4lb in 4 days for me, and then another couple of pounds over the next 4-6 days... then I tend to get stuck. But anyway, here's an example 5 day meal plan

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