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Almond oil for hair - anyone had good results?

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ToothGah Thu 11-Oct-12 23:27:03

I've got a bottle upstairs (from Superdrug) and was thinking of slapping some on before I go to bed.

But then I read a horror story about it making your hair sticky sad

Does anyone here use it please? Any good?

justasecond Fri 12-Oct-12 10:17:17

My mum used to put it on my hair all the time when I was little, used to make it really soft and shiny. I sometimes use it on the dc too. It comes out fine with shampoo.

valiumredhead Fri 12-Oct-12 10:27:24

It's lovey - I tend to put it on the ends only and sleep on a towel then wash off in the morning using shampoo BEFORE getting wet.

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