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My hair is totally f*cked. I need help!

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musttidyupmusttidyup Thu 11-Oct-12 22:18:48

Coconut oil or Argan oil in for a while before you wash it. Moroccanoil after. Boost your roots with a bit of batiste. Trim regularly. Job's a good'un.

Kinora Thu 11-Oct-12 22:08:51

I sometimes sit with olive oil on my hair. Just the normal kitchen stuff.

After washing I use L'oreal Mythic oil which is fantastic. They now do a shampoo and conditioner in it so I may be treating myself shortly.

I think when your hair gets so dry, any solutions are short term unfortunately.

MummysHappyPills Thu 11-Oct-12 22:08:11

Just go to a health food shop and buy coconut oil! And trim it regularly. I recommend the mumsnet haircut! grin

Wandawingsthe2nd Thu 11-Oct-12 22:04:50

I'm sorry, I really can't help but the picture made me really LOL.

Phaedra11 Thu 11-Oct-12 22:02:33

Argon oil. I add a couple of drops into my usual conditioner once a week and it's worked wonders.

Mumelie Thu 11-Oct-12 20:54:45

My frizz is dyed medium blonde, it was frizz before though, I look like a clown in the rain today! Moroccan oil is a miracle on my hair. Only thing that's really worked.

GreenEyesAndHam Thu 11-Oct-12 20:50:31

Could you stand a good cut?

Oils and conditioners will help a bit, but personally I think there's only so much they can do and chopping off as much as you can is the way to go.

xmasevebundle Thu 11-Oct-12 20:36:56

Try a tigi products and leave it overnight to dry it tight, as poss in towel.

Also when you wash it out, wash it out with cold will make it a little sliky.

BerryBlast Thu 11-Oct-12 20:21:53

Joico K Pak shampoo,conditioner and hair pack are all very good and really made a difference to my hair.

CarrotsForRebeccaRabbit Thu 11-Oct-12 19:47:52

I've had aussie and wasn't too impressed.

They ut coconut oil on at hair dressers and my hair was lovely.

Will look for loereal smile

ty x

thriftychic Thu 11-Oct-12 19:41:07

sorry , just checked its called loreal elvive extraordinary oil !

WipsGlitter Thu 11-Oct-12 19:34:48

I tried that Aussie three minute miracle stuff and found it pretty good. It's not overly expensive either.

Annianni Thu 11-Oct-12 19:34:37

Coconut oil. I use the fushi organic one.
I put it on my hair, overnight once or twice a week.

It's very good.

thriftychic Thu 11-Oct-12 19:34:12

not sure what to suggest really but i bought loreal miracle oil from boots for a tenner last week and its made my hair look better . oils usually make my hair look greasy but this doesnt and i put on more than it says . hair feels much smoother and shinier

CarrotsForRebeccaRabbit Thu 11-Oct-12 19:30:47

please!!! I look like this!!!

CarrotsForRebeccaRabbit Thu 11-Oct-12 19:05:22

Sorry for typos have wriggly baby in arms.

CarrotsForRebeccaRabbit Thu 11-Oct-12 19:04:47

I tried to go blonde in summer £200 down the drain thankyou shitty posh hairdressers 2 seprate higlighting treatments.

Didn't go as I planned and ended up butting a £7 lightest brown over it for 10 mins (and i love it)

BUT ... my hair is fucked.

You know at halloween when you backcomb your hair to look like a witch with hairspray?? It feels like that, after i just washed an dried it!!

I've always had soft silky hair and it feels awful.

What will save it!!??

Help me!!

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