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What shoes with wide legged trousers?

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Bluestocking Thu 11-Oct-12 18:27:16

One of my workwear staples is a pair of wide legged trousers in a fine wool/silk tweed which looks dark brown (but is actually a mixture of black and tan threads). What should I wear on my feet?

platanos Thu 11-Oct-12 19:34:19

brogues? I got the clarks hamble oak ones to wear with wide legged trousers....but I can't find any, sob. where did you get yours, if I may ask?

Bluestocking Thu 11-Oct-12 20:48:45

Thanks, platanos, those are nice. I've had the trousers a few years, they were from Episode. Hobbs has some wide leg trousers at the moment but I haven't seen anything I've liked much.

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