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Interview... Show home?

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madwomanintheattic Wed 10-Oct-12 22:01:42

I have an interview to work part time hosting in what the developers describe as a 'high end' mountain development show home... I suspect they like the idea of a more mature hostess with a (posh) british accent. It will of course be paying peanuts, but I suspect they are going to be heavily influenced by aesthetics grin rather than my wit and repartee. Although that will help...

Sooooooo, (here's where I have a problem). I am (on a thin day) a generous size 14. I am short. I have very short hair - middle aged pixie crop that's just about long enough to direct. Convincingly dyed natural brown. 41. I never, ever, wear make up. Like, never. I wear jeans every day. Am pale-ish and tend towards black, white, red if I ever get out of denim.

So, if you were short and fat and middle aged, and suddenly had to transform into a high end hostess wink, and flog designer living, what would you wear? And are there any useful tips for non-make-up-wearers to look groomed, rather than looking like a three yo that has found their mother's make-up bag?

I'm imagining that class and looking expensive and groomed is what they are looking for... On the cheap.


I'm obv not in the UK, but pics of likely stuff to give me ideas to recreate locally would be great.

<peers hopefully for s&b aficionados>

Gillybobs Thu 11-Oct-12 09:28:09

Most of the woman who do this role in the UK wear a uniform provided by the Builders, generally a shift dress and matching suit jacket. Id stick to dark neutrals (navy, grey or black) and add a bright scarf in a colour that suits you.

For make up Id go to a department store if possible and get a sales assistant to sort you out, ask her to carefully show you tips on application too so you can recreate at home. If you cant get to a dept store look online at Lisa Eldridge's website, loads of video tutorials on applying make up for different occasions

HorraceTheOtter Thu 11-Oct-12 09:55:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LulaPalooza Thu 11-Oct-12 12:29:52

Nice outfit, Horrace. The scarf link doesn't work but I can see where you were going with that.

I agree that a grown up, feminine outfit would work.

In terms of makeup, I would simply wear a teeny sweep of mascara, blusher or bronzer and lip balm. It won't look like you're wearing any

madwomanintheattic Thu 11-Oct-12 13:48:53

Ah, that's interesting, Gilly... I was figuring black with statement jewellery, but I can see a scarf might work as well.

Horrace - thanks for links. Spanx would definitely be required in that dress! I have a similar one in black that I tried on yesterday (been hanging in the wardrobe for around four or five years...) and it definitely needed something else. V uninspiring. I can imagine the red - sort of softer posh airline hostess minus the hat.

Will look out Lisa Eldridge - not sure if I have enough time for dept store stuff as the nearest decent ones are a 3 hour round trip. We do have stores in town here and one of them might work, but I suspect the city would be better.

Lula, do you think they will expect more? Or is groomed enough? I might have to trial run today. I may be back with questions, but hopefully Lisa Eldridge can answer them wink

LulaPalooza Thu 11-Oct-12 15:46:35

Am interested to know where you are?! I think groomed is good enough. You don't need to wear tons of make up if your normal natural look is groomed enough.

madwomanintheattic Thu 11-Oct-12 15:56:20

My normal natural look is rather more 'just got out of bed after a heavy night', without the mental benefit of having had the said heavy night... But I can <hopefully> brush up.

In the Rockies. Luxury contemporary alpine living. All polished granite and mountains and golf and skiing. And an hour and a half to the department stores. grin v beautiful, but crap tourist town wages, hence desirous of alternative sources of income! Presumably flogging to oil money/ rich Americans...

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