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Keeping our hair on! Hair loss support thread!

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coffeecake Wed 10-Oct-12 20:38:52

Hi, as promised and based on a few Mumsnetters expressing a desire of a support thread for hair loss, here it is!
Feel free to ask any questions, share your experiences etc...

mindset Sat 05-Oct-13 10:27:52

Hi, saw this thread whilst doing my usual internet trawl of all things hair related! Am 46 and always had fine but manageable hair but about 2 years ago started noticing how much thinner it felt and looked all over. I lose a lot of hair everytime I brush - really gently, and notice strands falling through the day. I've seen a doc and dermatologist, both said prob age related - menopause etc, but blood tests all ok so nothing they can do. Saw a really lovely trich in the summer who thought I should try minoxidil? and laser treatment to wake up the follicles but I'm a bit scared about all of that, even though he's a very experienced trich with a good rep.
In April, after lots of research decided to try hair ext. Visited Lucinda Ellery who was really lovely and helpful but opted for Mark Glenn in London . I feel better with the ext as at least they give me some hair to play with- it felt like candy floss before, but am aware that still shedding and hair on top can't be disguised with ext. Also use fibres to cover scalp. Whole hair issue dominates my life and I constantly worry about going out and avoid certain outdoor activities which really annoys me.
Currently looking into mesh/hair integration system as a way out of this constant worry cycle that ridiculously seems to have taken over my life! All comments welcome!smile

LiquidCosh Thu 17-Oct-13 23:49:56

hi everyone another hair loss worrier here!
Mine started after the birth of DD3 and has carried on ever since. According to the midwife its more common for women with longer hair and also more noticeable unfortunately.
I just wanted to add that for those of you taking iron supplements be sure to take a decent one that's either prescribed by the doctor or from a health store. The reason I say this is when I was pregnant my iron levels were extremely low and I couldn't understand it as I was taking 2 pills a day! Turns out that the pills I had bought from the supermarket are very low strength despite saying they were 100% of the RDA.
I was prescribed iron pills from the doctor and started to notice a difference immediately. Proper iron pills will turn your poo almost black (sorry TMI) but seriously this is how you know their working!
I'm currently taking a strong multi vit and mineral which seems to be helping a little. xx

Chipstick10 Fri 18-Oct-13 08:10:18

mindset have you thought about a really good wig.? When it gets too much for me then that's the road I am going to have to go down. Fortunately my hairloss is quite mild and I am still under a trichologist but its expensive and I don't really see benefits and I don't know how bad it would be if I wasn't seeing him.
The hair mesh thing is ridiculously expensive isn't it! Although I understand the piece of mind you would get with it.

mindset Sat 19-Oct-13 09:56:28

Thanks Chipstick . Yes, that is also on my to do list. I think it's good to explore as many options as poss, but yes the integ systems are quite a financial worry.x

Bellydora77 Tue 02-Sep-14 12:49:09

I've been loosing my hair now for over 18 months and its now so bad I feel like crying everytime I look in the mirror. I suffer with Lupus which is clearly contributing to this. My Rheumy has recommended the Forever Aloe Gel drink (its awful- I'm not continuing with it because it gives me acid reflux) and Floriscene. Only Just started with that though.

Its so confidence destroying. I've resorted to putting dark brown powder foundation on my scalp to disguise it. I'm so upset and there seems to be little I can do. I'm only 36 sad

Muckymoo71 Tue 02-Sep-14 23:02:11

I know this is an old thread but would be also interested if anyone had any success with supplements for reducing hair loss?

Naicecuppatea Wed 03-Sep-14 09:12:00

Sorry to hear that Bellydora. I'm in my late 30's and have been experiencing hair thinning for the last 2 years, it's very difficult. I have tried a few supplements/shampoos, but haven't found any that have helped. It may be worth getting some blood tests done by your GP to see if you have any deficiencies?

missmartha Wed 03-Sep-14 10:14:16

i have suffered from hair loss for the last two years, mainly at the front, a sort of receding hairline. I use Toppik hair fibre stuff to cover up any scalp that shows through and that works well.

Working with my hairdresser has helped too, he is very supportive and totally understands that I need a style that is both modern and that works to minimise the appearance of my hair loss. He does it very well.

I was embarrased when I started to loose my hair and thought no stylist would go near me/ laugh behind my back etc., but no, they are charming.

I have thinning hair, but it's well cut and coloured, that helps, I refuse to be beaten by hair.

meltedmonterayjack Wed 03-Sep-14 12:29:14

It's a total sod I know. Mine has always been thin/fine but since taking HRT it really went mad - thinning, shedding, feeling like a cross between a brillo pad and knotted candy floss. It has been so brittle I can just snap it off.

In desperation went to the GP who referred me to a dermatologist. She said probably a mixture of age and side effects of the HRT (rare but it happens apparently). She took bloods and found I had ferritin levels of 35 which is the low side of normal but not high enough for hair growth. Also low Vit D. I started ferritin and Vit d supplements along with silica, biotin (1000mg) and Vit B12 which are just starting to help I think. I've been on them about 8 months. Over the last month or so it's been falling out less and feels ever so slightly less brittle. Still nothing to write home about but any improvement is nice. Am going to keep going on all these supps. Have to have bloods retaken this month but will ask to keep on with the ferritin and vit d.

Really agree that cut matters. I daredn't get mine coloured what with it being so brittle but if it was less delicate I definitely would.

Muckymoo71 Wed 03-Sep-14 19:53:21

That's really interesting about ferritin levels, I'm early 40s and will try going to the docs in the mean time will get a hair suppl. Tried p Kingsley supplement last year and nioxin. The Nioxin helped as less was falling out when washing but didn't help hair growth. They have got a new product that you can buy from the hairdressers but it's about £40 a bottle, had mine for a year and it swells hair follicles, this is something I rate but use sparingly because of the cost.

Beare Wed 03-Sep-14 21:50:33

Hi. My hair has been shedding for a year due to medication. I would say about 50% has gone. My ferritin is also low at 9 so I have bought some ferrous sulphate over the counter. Get your bloods checked. Hormone levels, thyroid, ferritin, and vit d. Get the actual results from your gp not just the receptionist telling you they are all normal. Low side of normal is not enough for hair growth. Your iron needs to be at least 70. I've tried phyllia however it's so expensive and I'm really not sure it made any difference. My hair loss did stop for a few months and I had a lot of regrowth but it has started again. Not sure why. However I am feeling physically fit and well which I was not before and I try to keep my hairloss in perspective. I am positive that I won't lose all my hair. I'll just have to invest in hats and wigs! It is demoralising and depressing. Just take supplements and eat well and try not to stress. Hair can take years to recover. There is also a 3 month delay with hair. So whatever you do now will affect hair 3 months later. Xx

EnvyhairGail Tue 29-Sep-15 16:43:11

I own a salon in the UK and use Watermans Grow Me Shampoo as is Sulfate Free and works really well...

Here is the link

Drom1987 Wed 05-Oct-16 11:25:21

I used to adore my sister's hair. She had a very thick and long hair. She gave yellow and orange shades to it. It gave her a freaky look. She is a cancer patient and lost all her hair. But she is very strong. If I were in her position, I wouldn't have survived this situation. I wish I could do something for her. I have read an article about hair transplant after cancer treatment.
I am planning to take her for a hair restoration procedure in CHTC, Toronto.

Hope the procedure is successful. Any thoughts?

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