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To Parlux or not to Parlux?

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nobodysfool Wed 10-Oct-12 13:55:56

I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and have read great things about the Parlux brand hairdryers.
I have looked online but and blown away wink by the choice.
Any suggestions which ones are the most powerful?

DystopianReality Wed 10-Oct-12 14:02:54

If your end point is to halve the time it takes to dry your hair, I would recommend Parlux (about £60). However, if you style your hair whilst drying, I would not waste your money. They are certainly powerful, but it still takes me 10-15 minutes to style my hair using a Parlux which is no different to the time it took me using a bog standard Boots or similar reasonably powerful hairdryer for half the price. You don't get a better effect, either, just shortened drying time.

WinterStepThisWay Wed 10-Oct-12 14:35:27

I completely disagree with Dystopian, sorry. The result you get from a Parlux is way superiour to anything I have tried in the past, and I'm 40 years old, so have a long past grin. In my adult life I have owned 2 Parlux hairdryers, the first one packed it in after 15 years of constant use. The one I own now, which I bought over 9 years ago, is still going strong. No commercial hairdryer will give you the same combination of speed and temperature. Use per use, I find Parlux hairdryers cheaper in the long run. If I had to buy a new one right now I would go for the Parlux Black 3800 Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer. At the moment it seems to be cheaper from Amazon than LookFantastic. HTH

nobodysfool Sat 13-Oct-12 07:08:31

Thank you both for your thoughts. Realised my hair dresser used one and asked about them.

VigourMortis Sat 13-Oct-12 08:24:29

my 3500 ceramic ionic parlux is arriving today. I've only ever had cheapie hairdryers before but my hair is now v. long (lots of v. fine hair) and takes ages to dry. I'm hoping to blast it with this then use my babyliss big hair for a quick style.

I'll let you know what I think if you're still undecided.

AtaleOfTwoCities Sat 13-Oct-12 13:48:04

I also love to know what you think, more about the styling and end result? Thinking of getting one also

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sat 13-Oct-12 13:52:52

I love mine...bought recently on recommendation of MNetters.
I style my hair, and find it's excellent.

VigourMortis Sat 13-Oct-12 15:16:34

Well my compact 3500 has arrived and I'm going upstairs to wash my hair. Will report back.

nobodysfool Sat 13-Oct-12 23:15:57

So ladies what did you think? Was it much different than your normal one?

VigourMortis Sun 14-Oct-12 10:37:41

Very light to hold and incredibly powerful - I'm impressed!

Dried my hair in no time, and it usually takes ages.

The jury is still out on the ceramic ionic claims as I had too much product in to tell (was going out) but next time I'll know more.

Definitely worth the money for me.

valiumredhead Sun 14-Oct-12 15:57:09

Parlux is fantastic - I will never buy another make again. I've had mine for 6 months ish and it's cut my drying time down about 10 minutes.

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