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Dark Circles Under Eyes - YSL touche eclat is their anything better?

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Sandgroper Wed 10-Oct-12 12:41:57


I currently use the above and it's ok. Is their anything else you can recommend perhaps minus the hefty price tag?

I use MAC foundation and tried their concealer and it is ok.

Oh I have fair skin, prone to ezcema which can make eyes look even more tired, when stressed (which I am at the moment). Not painting a very pretty picture I know.

Saw the Clinique Dark Circles Concealer the other day and wondered if this is any good and worth the price.

Would appreciate any guidance!

loubloutwinmum Wed 10-Oct-12 13:03:02


Would recommend Benefit Erase Paste - comes in a small pot and a little bit goes a long way. It comes in several shades and the pale one is really good. I used to swear by Touche Eclat but tried this on a recommendation of a friend. I find a pot lasts me 4-5 months!

Bought some for my sister and wasn't sure what shade to get. Went to a big department store and the lady on the Benefit stand was so helpful and decanted some into a small pot so my sister could try it before I bought a whole pot. Can't remember the price - think it is under £20 and lasts so much longer than Touche Eclat.

toboldlygo Wed 10-Oct-12 13:23:43

Touche Eclat is a highlighter, not a concealer.

I too currently use Benefit Erase Paste but I'm not entirely happy with it, it collects in creases and migrates to where it's not wanted too easily, will be intrigued to hear of alternatives.

Tamisara Wed 10-Oct-12 15:28:59

I've started using Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. I find it gives really good coverage, but without sitting in lines (which most do on me). I was sceptical, but have found it to be really good smile

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

squoosh Wed 10-Oct-12 15:39:25

Touche Eclat isn't any good for covering dark circles. I've tried Erase Paste but found it too heavy.

At the moment I'm using the ultra cheap and ultra brilliant Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

persephonejones Wed 10-Oct-12 15:56:44

Benefit Boing. Priced as you'd expect but it lasts me almost a year.Life changing for me with my awful genetic dark circles

CuttedUpPear Wed 10-Oct-12 15:59:27

I put Benefit Lemon aid on my dark circles but not sure if it looks ok - it stays put though hmm

The3Bears Wed 10-Oct-12 16:45:56

Has anyone tried the By Terry one, im tempted to get it but at £35 I dont want it to be rubbish?

MsArseBiscuit Wed 10-Oct-12 16:55:09

The By Terry luminising thing in the silver pen ? Yes, I use it - brightens everything up but I use Estée Lauder Doublewear concealer over the top - at the moment this is my go-to solution, I have used Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer, MAC Moisture Cover, Benefit Erase Paste, the illuminating pens from Clinque, No. 7 and Guerlain and the Collection 2000 concealer in the past.

My dark circles make me look like bloody Chi-Chi

bacon Wed 10-Oct-12 17:01:00

Yes, I have 'by Terry' and for the price tag not impressed, no different to the No.7 one for around £10. I bought it on recommendation on mumsnet but unsure why everyone raves about it. Again no different to YSL. It just has similar consistancy to a medium coverage foundation just in a fancy tube.

Also can cause my eyes to sting which I didnt expect for the price.

Not impressed.

showtunesgirl Wed 10-Oct-12 20:30:05

Kanebo Concealer Unlike Touche Eclat which is a highligher and light reflective, this actually conceals. A make up artist introduced me to it and I love it.

anniewoo Wed 10-Oct-12 20:36:37

The Terry in 'by Terry' invented Touche Eclat

squoosh Wed 10-Oct-12 20:39:36

I always think Terry is a funny name for a high end makeup line.

Poor old cheapo Barry M must be wondering where he went wrong.

otchayaniye Wed 10-Oct-12 21:23:19

byterry made me look 900 years old.

i posted above about ben nye neutralizer and a lightish concealer in the trough line

Zara1984 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:26:45

The Aldi (seriously) Lacura concealer, looks like a silver knock-off version of Touche Éclat. I switched from YSL 3 years ago and have never looked back! I find it a but smoother to go on too, doesn't result in deer-in-headlight under eyes so much either!

Cheap as chips too, even if you just get it to keep in your handbag.

hettie Wed 10-Oct-12 21:45:42

Umme, well if it's blueish tinged dark circles then I really really recommend this one. Honestly I have tried YSL, lillylo, laura mercier, clarins etc..... this is the only thing that makes my under eye passable. I have it in the combined yellow/putty (now discontinued, but I notice they do a similar ting in Boots no & which might be cheaper) but tbh only really use the yellow side.....

Sandgroper Fri 12-Oct-12 22:25:34

Thanks to everyone who posted with all your helpful tips/advice! I shall do some research and make some purchases!

Maybe my problem with purchasing Eclat Touche was that I bought it in France and my French is a bit dodgy so maybe something got lost in translation. I feel like a mug for not realising and have been using it for "said problem" ever since. confused

Eliza22 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:24:33

That is all.

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