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Anyone been to a Mary Howard Christmas Fair?

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Ireallyloveautumn Mon 08-Oct-12 17:47:20

There's one near me coming in Nov, so a friend tells me, looks like a secret sale? Anyone ever been?? Is it worth going?

nowrinklesonamelon Mon 08-Oct-12 18:14:35

I go every year to the one at Sandown Park -- love it!! I go with my friend and we have lunch and a glass of wine and a good catch up at the same time - - the shopping is good if you have DH's credit card!!grin

Ireallyloveautumn Mon 08-Oct-12 18:20:51

OOh, what kind of stuff? Many clothes?

nowrinklesonamelon Mon 08-Oct-12 18:47:48

Some clothes I think tops, scarves, - silk jackets, fur gilets last year I remember but didn't buy!! - cashmere ponchos - leather belts - leather handbags - childrens toys and baby stuff which is all a bit different. Lovely food section! cheeses,xmas cake but to be honest I go for the jewellery which is good for pressies ( all prices so suits me) and the Xmas decorations! Lots of stuff I like but can't afford - - sad - just nice to look and have a day out from DS!!

Ireallyloveautumn Mon 08-Oct-12 19:09:03

Fabulous, will get some tickets then to the Gloucester one as that's my nearest... Thanks for the info grin

GeorgeEliot Mon 08-Oct-12 20:18:32

Yes - they are considered quite posh round here.

nowrinklesonamelon Tue 09-Oct-12 09:31:27

and round SandDown Park - - wink

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