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Woolly tights for a very big woman, with long legs.

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That's it, really - I find that the Evans' tights aren't long enough in the leg for my legs, or long enough in the body to accommodate my belly - so I was wondering of any of you wise ladies in Style and Beauty know of anywhere I can get woolly tights that are capacious at the top and long in the leg. I am about a size 28 (and do feel too big for S&B, so please be kind).

Itsgottabebags Mon 08-Oct-12 08:36:39

OP- style and beauty is regardless of what number you wear on your clothes!! I will have a google...

Itsgottabebags Mon 08-Oct-12 08:39:22

You'll have to try the UK website but take a look here

Thank-you thanks Itsgottabebags. smile I'll have a look straight away!

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