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Skinny jeans/jeggins for a big bird!!

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laluna Sun 07-Oct-12 21:16:14

Just wondering ....

Am I too old and fat curvy to wear skinny jeans? I am 41, size 14 and fairly modern in my style. My
Legs are nice knee down but I do have chunky thighs. Honest opinions please!

piratecat Sun 07-Oct-12 21:22:58

i am the same size/age as you but i can't wear them.

too short at 5ft 3, my thighs are too big. Depends on your height i would say, and build ( i am a pearshape/hourglass).
I put a pair of those coloured skinnies on and they looked awful on me, just like 'here are my legs everyone' I like to wear vest tops, and little cardies so unless i wore them with something about knee there would be too much glare on the thigh area.

I used to wear boyfriend jeans, but have lost weight (12 on top) and now wear skinny boot cuts.

The only time i wear anything tight on my legs, is black leggings, with black boots.

Lozislovely Sun 07-Oct-12 21:25:11

You are NOT too fat!!! I'm a 14 and chunky of thigh. I wear skinnies with long tops (longer the better) and get the odd comment re looking nice.

Got sick of wearing muffin top enhancing jeans and actually feel more womanly in skinnies as with the right top they can be really flattering.

Go for it grin

Lozislovely Sun 07-Oct-12 21:26:34

Reiss jeggings (if they still do them are really good) as are mint velvet. Lots of stretch and a good fit. I'm 5ft 6.

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