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Help! Work-wear question

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vodkaandcaviar Sun 07-Oct-12 20:27:44


I'm starting a new temp job tomorrow - it's in a call centre so I wasn't entirely sure what the dress code would be until I got an email with the details. We're expected to wear 'smart business attire' and I'm not 100% what that means exactly.

I have a pencil skirt, blazer and a few blouses/appropriate tops as well as some wrap dresses and cardigans. I wore a black wrap dress with tights and black pumps to my interview and was planning on wearing that tomorrow since it's pretty neutral but now I'm worried I'll look under-dressed. I don't want to go in looking over-dressed either though.

I was going to wear my hair down with very neutral make up.

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Beaverfeaver Sun 07-Oct-12 20:29:51

I work in a sales office which 4 years ago I would have worn smart trousers and shirt. However, everyone has gradually got to the point of wearing most things, so now wear skinny jeans ( not us denim though) t's hurts, tops, dresses, anything seems to go.

We aren't customer facing so don't see why it should matter

I think the black wrap dress is probably fairly safe. I suspect in reality the dress code will be more casual than their description makes out. I've worked in a few call centre and most were officially business casual, and definitely at the more casual end of that spectrum!

vodkaandcaviar Sun 07-Oct-12 20:37:03

Thanks ladies. I'm hoping to go in tomorrow and suss out what everyone else is wearing. I'm a bit short of cash right now and can't afford to buy a whole new work wardrobe given I'll only be there for four weeks. I'm hoping to find something more permanent in the meantime but I figured that the dresses/skirt combinations that I currently have would do.

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