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hypnosis gr weight loss?? Has it worked for anyone??

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Movingforward123 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:26:56

I need to loose about a stone, my problem is emotional eating and I really want loose weight! I have recently starting couch to 5 k and I now have time to exercise but I know that comfort eating and lack of will power are my down fall.

Would love to hear if it has worked for anyone else?

Movingforward123 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:48:53

Sorry the title should read hypnosis for weight loss grin

Movingforward123 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:33:17

Anyone smile

awaywego1 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:56:41

I've got an hypnosis app-but haven't used it much-there's a thread on big/slim about it though and I think it has helped some people. Sorry I can't be of more help!

Movingforward123 Mon 08-Oct-12 10:45:51

I tried self hypnosis with Paul mckennna but I don't think it really worked and I want to have it done professionally!

DanGleebals Mon 08-Oct-12 12:04:31

I don't know anything about hypnosis but have you tried the 5:2 diet? There is a thread in the weightloss section. Basically you need to fast for 2 days a week - the rest of the time you eat as normal. It's great for making you appreciate how much you actually eat and forget about blush. Maybe give it a go for a couple of weeks? I've lost half a stone in about 5/6 weeks.

walnutcakelover Mon 08-Oct-12 12:20:45

I have the paul mckenna cd and book, and i have to say it worked for me. I lost a stone using this method, and it didn't include exercising, low fat food.

ivykaty44 Mon 08-Oct-12 12:27:14

I have a friend who had hypnosis for weight loss, sadly it didn't work for her, the same man had stopped her from smoking and that worked for around 7 months.

oliviafrombolivia Mon 08-Oct-12 14:07:05

didn't work for me, oh how I wish it did!

SoldeInvierno Mon 08-Oct-12 14:10:59

I worked for me in terms of eating habits. I used to pick a lot. Cook and pick simultaneously, so by the time dinner was ready, I had almost already eaten. I had hypnotherapy and I stopped doing it.

Movingforward123 Mon 08-Oct-12 18:11:09

I havnt tried the 5.2 diet, but my problem is emotional eating, that's why I thought hyponsis would work.

U actually had two sessions about a year ago and after the second I was eating less and hardly any chocolate! So I felt it worked but needed more sessions.

I have found a last that gives a guarantee if you pass the consultation stage, so I guess that's because hypnosis only works if you really want to stop doing something!

trixymalixy Mon 08-Oct-12 18:25:08

My sister has lost 5 stone + after hypnotherapy. I guess only time will tell whether it has worked for good.

I'm the same as you OP, except have 2 stone to lose so I'm considering trying it.

LesleyPumpshaft Mon 08-Oct-12 18:33:40

Paul McKenna worked for me too. I lost over a stone and didn't have to go hungry or give up my favourite foods.

teedeeuk Mon 08-Oct-12 18:36:34

Was talking today to someone who'd had gastric band hypnotherapy for £95 and she's lost 1.5 stone in six weeks.

Movingforward123 Mon 08-Oct-12 20:53:57

trixy wow thats amazing, do you know who she saw for hypnosis?

lesley was it the paul mckenna book and cd? and have you kept the weigh off?

teedeeuk do you know who she had her hypnosis with?

I would prefer if possible to see someone that is recommended.

trixymalixy Mon 08-Oct-12 21:01:45

It was someone in Glasgow, through a Groupon deal. I can find out the exact name if Glasgow is handy for you.

She has totally changed her diet and is doing loads of exercise, so it has not been without effort.

Movingforward123 Mon 08-Oct-12 22:43:30

oh no i'm in london, so thats too far.

is she putting in the effort or is she naturally doing it because her mind set has changed?

trixymalixy Mon 08-Oct-12 22:45:57

I'm not sure. She did say that she feels no need to snack anymore.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 08-Oct-12 22:59:30

TrixyMalixy would you mind PMing me the details please? I'm only 50 miles east.....!!

trixymalixy Tue 09-Oct-12 08:51:18

Have done. Good luck!

Movingforward123 Tue 09-Oct-12 21:22:43

well i found a lady but i'm waiting to hear about a consultation confused

TheKettle Wed 10-Oct-12 11:41:47

No successs story here. About 20 years ago I had hypnotherapy for a phobia - it worked with just one 90 minute session. Several years later I had it to stop smoking - at this point I'd been a smoker for 30 years, 40 a day. It worked immediately. (Much to my amazement). That was more than 10 years ago and I've never touched one since.
So because of the success with the phobia and the smoking I have tried several different hypnotherapy methods for the weight. Paul McKenna, Glenn Harrold CD, the gastric band app they talk about on the In the Club board, two different RL hypnotherapists and none of it has worked.

teedeeuk Wed 10-Oct-12 12:51:22

Just seen this OP, have pm'd you

Movingforward123 Wed 10-Oct-12 18:17:01

teedeeuk - thank you, I will try to contact them.

thekettle - sorry to hear it didnt work for you. did you think the RL therapists seemed professional? like the ones you saw before?

hypnorich Tue 20-Nov-12 08:53:52

As a professional hypnotherapist I just thought I would offer my opinion...

The mass produced CD's by the Paul McKennas of the world can be great for some people. If a £10 cd can help then great, do that! You must bear in mind though that these CDs are made for the masses, they are not individually crafted for you as an individual. Because of this fact the CDs can often miss the mark for some people. Don't judge the potential for success from hypnotherapy based on listening to a CD a few times!
I would say that ANY diet is a short term fad/solution for the vast majority. If going on 15 diets before your current diet didn't help it isn't a new diet you need, it's a new approach to eating that you need!
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time ;-)
Hypnotherapy can be a great way to address emotional eating/picking/snacking/comfort eating. By finding you a better alternative to the emotional eating you can find your old habits changing instantly (in some cases).
I would recommend working one to one with a hypnotherapist for the best chance of a great result. Yes it will cost more than a £10 CD but you get what you pay for a lot of the time. Would you pay £250 to not get diabetes and to be around an extra 15 to 30 years to see your grand children grow up? Course you would. That is a very small price for such a huge gain!
Choose a hypnotherapist who works full time, is insured, registered with a recognised professional body, has a great looking website that offers you plenty of information and advise and includes a free chat. Ask for a sample of what they do. Most reputable hypnotherapists will have some kind of free download available anyway. The ones who don't and refuse are often the ones that are no good.
If you would like more detailed advise on how to pick a good hypnotherapist just drop me a message and I will send you my free guide called "10 things you MUST know before getting hypnotherapy".

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