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Alternative to Freya Deco - Rosie for Autograph

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Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sat 06-Oct-12 23:10:52

Love the shape and cleavage from Freya deco but finds it gapes a little at the top. So today, having tried on approx 30 bras at John Lewis, triumph and M&S I've found a gorgeous alternative - here described as padded but actually just moulded cups. Really lovely on and no gaping at the top.

I have happy norks! and happy dh

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sat 06-Oct-12 23:14:38

Oh, meant to mention I found the sizing to be quite different to the deco - I came away with 34dd instead of 32f I wear in the deco.

That's very pretty! I'm also a big fan of the Bravissimo Satine (not seamless either but doesn't have the gaping that Deco does)

(I do wish M&S would at least get the fit right on their models though!)

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sat 06-Oct-12 23:43:23

I wanted to try the Satine on when i was at Bravissimo last week but they didn't have my size unfortunately - hence the trawl today. i must have tried on about 15 bras in Triumph and didn't find a single one that fitted - either i ended up with four boobs (not a good look) or alternatively looked flat chested hmm - all of their moulded cup bras stopped at a DD.

Oddly the 34DD in this style came up smaller - i'd have needed a 34E in that style but this one stops at a DD. Shame as it was lovely soft fabric.

On me I'd say the Satine is up a cup from the deco. I have a GG deco (as big as it goes so bought when I desperately needed a plunge!) and it's a wee bit small, I think my true deco size would be an H. My Satine is a HH and fits perfectly. Back is slightly tighter than the Deco, but unless your Deco is seriously tight I'd probably go for the same back size.

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sun 07-Oct-12 00:02:53

Thanks statisticallychallenged - the M&S one goes up to a G - and i found the cup size to be generous - and at £22.50 a steal for silk - looks far more expensive than it is. Now tempted to order several more!

I may have to venture in for a nosey - although I need to scare off the fitting ladies somehow, is there an equivalent of garlic and holy-water for bra fitters smile

SorrelForbes Sun 07-Oct-12 00:10:21

I am a 30G and have that size in a Deco. The back is fairly loose and there is a little gaping in the cup. However, close sizes were no better! I don't think plunges are that great for me.

I've tried both the bras linked too above in a 32 back and they were too big so I have up smile

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sun 07-Oct-12 00:11:19

I find a small child in tow keeps them at bay grin

SorrelForbes Sun 07-Oct-12 00:14:34

Oops 'to' 'have'

SorrelForbes Sun 07-Oct-12 00:14:51

Agghhhh 'gave'

Mewsical Sun 07-Oct-12 08:25:07

I normally wear Freya but I found the M&S one very big in the cup. It not only covered up my boobs but most of my chest too....shame because the light taupe colour was beautiful.

I did have a DC with me so couldn't try on anymore than 3 sizes.

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