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who's gone through the menopause and did your face suffer?

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ggirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:20:27

I'm 50 and fairly lucky so far and have only a few wrinkles around my eyes.
I saw an old aquaintance the other day who is a few yrs older than me and I haven't seen her for a few yrs. I was surprised at the increase in wrinkles and sagging and thought it's probably the menopause causing it.

Is it inevitable?

ProudNeathGirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:25:44

I'm 52 and periods stopped several years ago. I don't THINK I have lines on my face yet.

ggirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:26:34

right answer !!! thanks ,
was getting worried

Hassled Sat 06-Oct-12 17:29:09

I started on HRT a couple weeks ago (periods haven't actually stopped yet but were getting out of control and I was a miserable weepy cow just about all of the time) and my skin has really improved. The wrinkles haven't miraculously gone, but I just seem to have a bit of a glow back.

ProudNeathGirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:30:55

I'm not on HRT. I prefer not having periods.

OneHandFlapping Sat 06-Oct-12 17:32:14

I think it is inevitable, but I'm not sure to what extent it's the menopause and to what extent it's just getting older. After all men in their fifties don't look younger than their wives of the same age.

I've definitely got wrinklier, but at least part of that is dues to losing 3 stone.

That said, some women on HRT do comment on how nice it makes their skin (and hair).

IamtheZombie Sat 06-Oct-12 17:38:33

Zombie is 60 yo, 10 years post menopause and has very few wrinkles (except crows feet when she smiles) and absolutely no sagging.

ggirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:48:41

come to think of it I know a 60 yr old who looks great..thought she was about 45..don't know if she's on hrt or not though

IamtheZombie Sat 06-Oct-12 17:50:56

Zombie has hormone sensitive breast cancer. She's never been anywhere near HRT.

ggirl Sat 06-Oct-12 17:52:38

are you zombie or are you speaking for her??

IamtheZombie Sat 06-Oct-12 17:56:39

I am Zombie. That's my posting style. grin

Eliza22 Sat 06-Oct-12 18:48:26

I was 50 last weekend. I look good but, I do NEED makeup, now. If not, I look tired. Not wrinkly but colorless. Ah we'll....

Thing is, there's so many factors at play as we get older. Since my 40th I've been through a divorce, put on weight, lost loads of weight, discovered the joys of wine with my new DH (I never touched a drop before) and though I lead a charmed life and am very very happy, I have the stress of having a child who's been very, very ill and the death of a parent. It all adds up and I just think "we'll, you've had a lot on your place, love" and was recently taken to be "around 40-ish" by a group of ladies I sing with.

The menopause isn't just about hormones and hot flushes. "Stuff" that's going ON in your life by the time you reach 50 can really tell on your face. I think you really need to be kind to yourself.

ggirl Sat 06-Oct-12 20:49:57

very true Eliza .I'm certainly not afraid to look my age but was thinking eeek don't want it to all fall down when I stop ovulating grin

zanz1bar Sat 06-Oct-12 21:34:57

I'm 44 ,went through menopause at 42. Now on HRT and it's bloody marvellous.
Yes my face did suffer, a lot. I have rosacea now, sagging, dry, flaky dull skin.
HRT adds some glow and moisture back but the texture of my skin has changed,it seemed to age overnight. Had to rethink all my makeup, skincare and still trying to sort out what works.

jessiegee Sat 06-Oct-12 21:47:00

I'm revving up towards the menopause (nearly 53 and periods starting to be irregular, couple of years of night sweats). I've got very few wrinkles but that seems to be hereditary as my late parents/grandparents were all pretty unwrinkly. My face is changing shape though with v v slight drooping to the sides of my chin. That could be because I need to lose a stone though. Skin is dryer but that's a blessing as up to a couple of years ago it was like an oil slick.
I'm hoping there's not going to be too many nasty surprises with hair and skin when my periods (eventually) stop too ggirl. I don't want to take HRT as I have bad reactions to stuff that messes with hormones.

biryani Sat 06-Oct-12 22:16:22

I'm 53 with no wrinkles - yet!! My face is sagging though - jowly more than anything else. I'm often staggered at how old some women of my age (and younger) look.

Sheila Sun 07-Oct-12 11:30:17

I am 49 and had very little signs of ageing until I hit 45, then noticed a change - mainly sagging and enlarged pores. I was convinced this was owing to menopause (periods a bit erratic too) but blood tests said no. I think it is just ageing. Most people seem surprised when I tell them how old I am , but I suspect they're just being kind hmm

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