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Eye makeup for a wedding - help please!

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wickedfairy Sat 06-Oct-12 12:24:07


SIL is getting married next week and I want to look nice at the wedding (obviously!). I will be 37 weeks pregnant, so limited in my outfit choices - I have a light-ish navy dress with bright, fuschia pink fascinator and bag and nude shoes. It actually looks really nice (side view a bit dodgy, but I do look like I have swallowed a beach ball!).

Anyway - eye makeup. I normally wear a brown/mushroomy eye shadow, brown liner and mascara, which does suit me, as black is just way too harsh (I was just reading the other thread where everyone hates it, oops...). I am pale skinned with freckles and mid-brown hair and blue eyes and HoC says I am a Deep Brown Summer.

What eyes would look nice on me for the wedding? I am a bit useless and my night-time effort is just a heavier version of the day-time one!! I do want to look like I have made an effort and I usually wear my foundation fairly light and not caked on.

Can anyone recommend colours or pictures of what they think would look nice please? Thanking you! smile

Try youtube for tutorials. I have the Urban Decay Naked palette which I adore and there are loads of tutorials for different looks from it.

wickedfairy Sat 06-Oct-12 16:00:45

Thanks - have never really looked at youtube - will do so now!

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