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can you use a curling wand on chin length hair?

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thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 06-Oct-12 11:52:06

i'm in the process of growing my hair and getting frustrated. so i've bought a curling wand in the hope that it would give me more options but i'm not sure how to do it.

my hair is between chin and shoulder length at the moment. will it work with practise or do i need to wait a bit longer?

Lovewearingjeans Sat 06-Oct-12 12:04:47

I think go for it. Though I do have to use plasters on my winding fingers, as I burn my fingertips.

EmBOOsa Sat 06-Oct-12 12:05:29

Definitely smile I actually find that my hair holds curls better when it is shorter

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 06-Oct-12 12:05:32

it came with a glove!

jessiegee Sat 06-Oct-12 12:57:52

Mine's the same length (and seems to be stuck there!) and I've just bought a Diva pro beach wave (I think that's what it was called) and the effect is really nice (although it dries my hair out horribly which is disappointing, so am really restricting use). It seems to be a good length to get curls/waves to hold. I'd give your wand a go. Bet it will be lovely.

bishboschone Sat 06-Oct-12 13:27:20

I have a curly shoulder length bob . I use a curling tong just to help the bits that get a bit out of control . I can twist it round quite a few times so plenty of hair . That beach wave thing looks good though .

LittlePandaBear Sat 06-Oct-12 14:03:36

I mistakingly read the title without the word 'length' in it grin

Sorry, I'm useless with my hair, no help!

Arisbottle Sat 06-Oct-12 14:04:22

I did the same little panda grin

GwendolineScaryLacey Sat 06-Oct-12 14:09:16

And me grin I was going to show the thread to my mother... ;o

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 06-Oct-12 16:25:42

no no no, everybody knows you use the babyliss big hair on your beard ladies!

Thowra Sat 06-Oct-12 16:27:51

Ha ha me too, how wierd!

50smellsofshite Sat 06-Oct-12 19:00:49

Ha ha I was just coming to say I didn't read 'length'. grin

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 06-Oct-12 23:05:14

bloody useless the lot of you, i straightened my hair and went out instead. grin

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