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Rant. Hair. frizzy. why don't hairdressers listen

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kelpeed Sat 06-Oct-12 04:49:15

My hair was cut yesterday. It is thick and wavy and turns to frizz when short.

I provided a photo showing a cut like Jo Grant's in Dr Who (Jon Pertwee). a bit layered, medium longish, and with each of the layers curling with their own length.

I asked that NO thinning scissors or razors be used, just the scissors. I also said I'm not going to be a slave to a hairdryer, so please cut the hair so it will be low maintainence. But did they listen?

I came out looking like Jennifer Anniston. AGAIN. With wispy ends and edges and hair all blow-dried straight.

Once it is washed I will look like a witch, with lots of ends flying in all directions. I will then wear it up in a bun for work, or a ponytail, so it looks relatively neater, and then it will be at least another year before I brave going into another hairdresser.

I hate this. It happens most of the time.

Hairdressers always bloody whip out the thinning scissors, and trim the edges around my face and at the ends so it looks and feels like I have feathers. They say the thinning scissors are important to make sure the ends arent noticed, and I get made to feel like I'm some sort of lower life form if I don't agree. I have never been to the same hairdresser twice in the last 10 years because I end up with this awful Jennifer cut.

I always end up asking myself these questions afterwards.

Why do hairdressers use the thinning scissors on curly/wavy/frizz-prone hair?

Why don't hairdressers bloody listen ? Or- what should i be doing differently besides relying on photoes which they seem to ignore ? Are there any special terms that I need to use to get them to listen apart from NOT the Jennifer A. look? I repeat-Showing a photo does NOT work.

What it is with the feathery jagged edge ends? I dont like it (on me).

Why do they expect me to blow dry my hair to make it flat when I have clearly wavy/curly hair?

When are teach hairdressers going to learn new haircuts, besides the Jennifer?

If any MNetters have answers to these please share - but not if it involves using a blowdryer or spending money on antifrizz/keratin stuff for my hair.

Beautybymums Sat 26-Apr-14 14:53:11

I am a big lover of the pure organic raw cocunut oil. I don't understand how but all other products are heavy on my curls and this just leaves it soft and touchable and smells great. Just a dolop on the end of my finger tips though. I also used it as a deep conditioner in a sauna once A-M-A-Z-I-=N-G

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