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Looking for ideas please help.

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Septembergold Thu 04-Oct-12 22:49:24

I am a mum of 3 and have not been out in a long time. I have been invited to event in a manor hotel. Where we have a meal and drinks. There is about 300 people going and i am really looking forward to it. The problem i have is the only going out outfits i have are for nights out in town. I am a size 14/16 and 30 years old. I really want to get somethink nice and make the most of the night out. But i dont want to dress up to much but i also dont want to dress down. Any ideas?

Peeenut Thu 04-Oct-12 23:24:38

It's one of those times I'd probably go for a good fitting dress, the kind that moves with you and you're not having to adjust every few minutes. Then you can dress it up however you feel, or dress down. You could go for bling, or chunky boots.

Lovewearingjeans Fri 05-Oct-12 08:34:01

I would go to Monsoon or Debenhams and try on something lovely. I can't do links as I am on my IPad. Sounds like a lovely night out, have fun smile

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