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Noooooo new beautiful boots are a smidge too tight

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JamInMyWellies Thu 04-Oct-12 18:14:36

and they were the last pair on eBay.

Has anyone ever successfully taken boots to a cobbler to be stretched?

dexter73 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:20:31

Too tight where? Round the calf or in the foot?

JamInMyWellies Thu 04-Oct-12 18:21:17

calf is fine as is length its tight in the width.

dexter73 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:23:21

It is worth taking them in to see if they can do it. My friend had some stretched and it worked really well.

JamInMyWellies Thu 04-Oct-12 18:24:18


Happygirl77 Thu 04-Oct-12 19:28:07

I wonder what make they are? I am a big fan of FitFlop superboots (3 pairs - oops wink ) but these were v tight when I first tried them, fine now.

JamInMyWellies Thu 04-Oct-12 20:38:53

They are Ash.

AgathaFusty Fri 05-Oct-12 08:17:32

Push a couple big potatoes into them and leave them for a couple of days. Sounds stupid but it works.

marriednotdead Fri 05-Oct-12 08:31:44

I've regularly taken boots to be stretched at the cobblers. It's brilliant!

EverybodysCryEyed Fri 05-Oct-12 20:08:42

Can you stretch the calf too?

SeveredEdMcDunnough Fri 05-Oct-12 20:09:56

Can you afford to lose a toe? grin

I feel for you. I really do.

HappyHippyChick Fri 05-Oct-12 20:10:21

Am I the only person who read that as new boobs?

JamInMyWellies Fri 05-Oct-12 20:54:40

I wouldn't mind a new pair of boobs. Mine look like they have already been stretched at the cobblers grin

fedupofnamechanging Fri 05-Oct-12 21:13:36

amazon sell shoe stretchers for about £7, I think. You don't need to take them to a cobbler.

mumzy Fri 05-Oct-12 23:26:36

Never tried this but might work. Fill two large thick plastic bags with water leave a small space at the top before securely tying them. Push a bag into each boot then place in the freezer overnight.

Scootergrrrl Sat 06-Oct-12 05:59:14

Assuming they are leather, put on some thick damp socks under your boots and walk around in them as much as you can. They should stretch to your exact foot shape. Feels a bit cold and squishy but well worth it!

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