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Help with style

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Valdeeves Thu 04-Oct-12 06:30:58

Hi everyone,
I've got a seven week old and a three year old
and I need some help. My clothes are frumpy and
style less and my hair is a longish flyaway nightmare
and over coloured blonde.
Can anyone suggest a stylish quick up do I can
use for day to day? Nothing harsh as I have quite
a wide jawline?
I also would like to revamp my style a bit more
and look more vintage - 50's and Victoriana being my
favouriate looks. I'm a total jeans hound too so it needs
to work around those. I'm looking for a whole autumn
winter wardrobe. Am nearly back to size ten but have
36 CC boobs as Breastfeeding.
Any ideas please?? Xxxxxx

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