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winter shoes/boots for difficult feet

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forgottoremember Wed 03-Oct-12 20:32:07

I haven't managed to buy a pair of shoes/boots that fits me properly for years and years, and my feet are beginning to hurt as a result. I HATE shoe shopping - it's rare that a single pair of shoes in a shop fits me, and when it does, it's generally because it's so granny-like or weird that nobody has wanted to buy it. Even sandals are difficult.

But I HAVE to buy some more shoes/boots this winter, I will be walking barefoot at this rate. Current shoes are: grey converse shoes (hurt my big toe); brown John Lewis boots (have stretched, and my feet wriggle around all over the place - hurt); walking boot shoes (not long enough, and hurt my big toe). That's it.

My feet are:
- size 42 (sometimes 41, sometimes 43)
- very very narrow heel (so most boots are out, as my feet just ride up inside; and court shoes tend to fall off if I do anything other than saunter gently
- very straight inside edge to foot, so anything pointy hurts

I went to the Natural Shoe Store last week and even there, even in the troll-boots (which I quite like, actually) they didn't have anything that fitted.

PLEASE PLEASE give me some advice.

I would say money no object - and if I could be guaranteed some shoes that I really liked, that lasted, and that really fit it's true... But I have a lot of expensive mistakes in the cupboard (all worn to pieces, hence sore feet...)

Help! Help!

Dollydowser Wed 03-Oct-12 20:36:12

Is your foot narrow as well as your heel? Sorry I have wide feet and high instep so no help here, but I do understand your frustration at being able to find shoes that fit!

forgottoremember Wed 03-Oct-12 20:45:43

yes pretty narrow - though seems wide at the toe end because of the straight inside edge.
Oh, and my feet are v flat as well, so even lace-ups can be a problem (can't be laced tight enough...)

BigWhoop Wed 03-Oct-12 20:48:09

You can get heel inserts to put in the boot which might help with the heel riding up as they make it a much more secure fit by pushing it up. I used to work in Clarks many years ago - and that is what we would recommend. In fact, I'd go in and ask them - there is all sorts of padding they can give you to help, and things might have progressed since I worked there!

Lovewearingjeans Wed 03-Oct-12 20:49:58

I have narrow size39 feet. I wear boots with two pairs of socks in the winter, live in high top converse, or the heel rubs. So I do appreciate what you go through. I have one pair of heels that are a size too small that are a thin strap Mary Jane style in black suede that are my going out shoe. I also have shallow feet so the ankle bone can catch onto any solid heel moulding in boots, and that really hurts. I was asked recently what would I change about myself and I said my feet confused

Kernowgal Wed 03-Oct-12 22:33:34

You are me! I'm a 43, occasionally a 42, but also with a very narrow heel and straight feet. I get on OK with boots as long as they fit snugly round the ankle.

Have you tried Crispins ( - they do lovely slim shoes and boots, usually in size 43 upwards but I think they have a fair few 42s too. They're on Chiltern Street, near Baker St tube in London. Not cheap by any stretch but I have always found styles I like there.

I'm really struggling too. I live in my walking boots (Scarpa - apparently Italian brands are narrow and German brands are wide) but could do with something more stylish for general wear.

Kernowgal Wed 03-Oct-12 22:34:44

YY to the shallow feet thing too. I'd change my feet too, if only to take them down to a size 41. Except I'd challenge Imelda Marcos' shoe habit within days.

forgottoremember Wed 03-Oct-12 23:25:53

Hello Kernowgal! Nice to find a twin!
I will go and visit Crispins as soon as I have a day without hoards of children hanging round my neck, it looks great. The only other shop I've found specialising in AA or AAA heels was SO depressing I turned tail and ran...
I could do with some proper walking boots too, so will try Scarpa - am in cheap karrimor shoes now, as my last attempt to buy walking boots crippled me - in order to keep them on my feet I laced them too tight and bruised my achilles tendon so badly I couldn't wear any shoes other than flip flops for more than a month...

Will investigate heel inserts too.

I've wondered about getting some shoes made (e.g. conkers in Totnes) but somehow I've always chickened out... anyone done it?

AgathaFusty Thu 04-Oct-12 08:13:08

Oh, I've got this type of feet too. I thought it was just me. Not so bad in winter wearing boots with thick socks to hold them on, but horrible in summer in flip-flops or sandals - everything hurts and walking for any length of time involves taking 2 pairs of whatever with me to change into to vary the blisters. I can't wear anything without a padded insole for more than the shortest length of time either.

I have bought 2 pairs (one ankle boots, one shoe boots) from Zalando recently and both are fairly comfortable. I think most of their shoes are from German/Scandinavian manufacturers, and I wonder if they make footwear for taller people generally, with skinnier feet? Might be worth a look?

starsandunicorns Thu 04-Oct-12 08:18:22

i have wired feet too so know your pain i recently bought a pair of hazel lace boots from soletrader they from rocketdog my heel is nicely snug for once smile they are true to size as i tend to be 39 or 40 dependig on style i wear sport socks with them hope this helps

PeshwariNaan Thu 04-Oct-12 08:23:29

Can I suggest some insoles for your heel issue? I buy my boots about 1/2 size too big and wear very sturdy insoles. I had plantar fasciitis and am prone to falling arches, so I have to be careful.

Superfeet Green are my favourite:

...but more specific heel inserts might work too if you haven't got very sensitive feet. GL.

PeshwariNaan Thu 04-Oct-12 08:23:49

Oops, here's the link again: [[[[

PeshwariNaan Thu 04-Oct-12 08:24:10

Argh, sorry! Superfeet

Lovewearingjeans Thu 04-Oct-12 18:35:03

My friend had boots made in Totnes, and they are like wearing slippers according to her, but we have opposite feet.
I am feeling the pain in summer too, I live in flip flops.
I found a pair of ballet shoes from Dune that I can wear all day as they have elastic around the edge and don't cut in.
I used to be that child in Clarks who could only have one pair of shoes, and had to order them in! It looks like my son has inherited the slim feet.

Lovewearingjeans Thu 04-Oct-12 18:47:28

Oooo just found a website called that actually has narrow shoes that I would actually consider wearing. Has long styles too!

CointreauVersial Thu 04-Oct-12 18:51:57

For court shoes, try the dolly shoe type, which have a strap. They hold your feet better.

AgathaFusty Thu 04-Oct-12 19:13:36

Lovewearing - that site looks really interesting. I love the brown 'circle' boots on page 1, but they are expensive. It'll be interesting to see what they have in sandals and flip flops next summer - I can't imagine having comfy feet in summer.

I was the other child in Clarks (well Start Rite, my mother insisted on them) that had to have shoes ordered in. Spent the first couple of weeks with bleeding heels with each new pair, and the bruised ankle bones weren't fun either.

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