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mumsnet scarf link please

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daisydoodoo Tue 02-Oct-12 11:51:17

ive searched and can;t find it, but does anyone have the link to the mumsnet scarf, i washed mine and the blinking labrador ate it! well hewed it so has two big holes in it.
I know they are probably past i now in MN terms but i still loved it. I had the purple one. I can find the brown but still really want the purple would consider other non traditional leopard colourways too (pink, blue etc)


daisydoodoo Tue 02-Oct-12 11:51:38

chewed not hewed, sorry keyboard at work is rubbish

fergoose Tue 02-Oct-12 12:03:06

this one?

fergoose Tue 02-Oct-12 12:06:17

bit cheaper

daisydoodoo Tue 02-Oct-12 12:22:26

Thank you fergoose thanks i knew MN would come through for me!

fergoose Tue 02-Oct-12 12:32:13

smile I am wearing my scarf today actually, I live in them. Quite fancy buying another now.

daisydoodoo Tue 02-Oct-12 12:58:43

they are fab, i love the length and that in cold weather you can just wrap them round more times to warm you up, cololer weather less wrapped etc. lots of scarves are just too short to be as versatile. oh and the price is good too.

fergoose Tue 02-Oct-12 13:05:06

I agree - I just found one with zebras on it - am tempted smile - not quite as big though

daisydoodoo Tue 02-Oct-12 13:37:18

i have that one on the way, i ordered it when i couldnt find the exact mumsnet scarf i was after. its not arived yet.

Stevie77 Tue 02-Oct-12 13:41:12

Ooh that's nice. I think the brown one would be lovely with my black coat for this year's winter.

Stevie77 Wed 03-Oct-12 09:48:59

Has anyone got the leopard print one? Will it be warm enough for winter? Looks like it could be, wrapped around a few times

piratecat Wed 03-Oct-12 11:27:23

op i have the purple one, you can have it for P&P. i am too short to wear it successfully, there's too much of it!!

LemonBreeland Wed 03-Oct-12 11:35:35

Stevie the leopard print ones are really warm when bunched up and wrapped around as there is so much fabric.

Fergoose I really want the zebra one now, love it in red like Cathryn from Bake Off, but soem of the other colours are lovely too. Don't know what to pick.

fergoose Wed 03-Oct-12 12:05:37

Lemon - at that price you should get a couple smile

I can't decide which zebra ones I want too -am trying to look at my many scarves and see which colour I don't have smile

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