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plain smart comfortable boots

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lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 19:52:15

I've been trying to fine some plain unadorned boots (to replace my ones that fell apart from too much wear) for years.

Hooray I thought when I came across these plain boots.

But no, I can't get the bloody zip shut over my fat legs.

I put my trust in style & beauty to help please!

stitch Mon 01-Oct-12 19:56:31

duo boots do width fittings. try them?

lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 20:03:35

There are some lovely boots on there, thank you stich!

Is it unrealistic to hope I will find a pair for under £100 (tightwad emoticon)...

Dolallytats Mon 01-Oct-12 20:13:53

You could try Evans and I think Viva La Diva do several different calf lengths. If all else fails, do what I have and get ankle boots!!

lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 20:26:03

Thanks Dolallytats, some good leads there, I won't give up!

Brickle Mon 01-Oct-12 21:01:20

Next have got a nice black pair you might want to look at - I can't do links blush, but if you go to the Next site and put in 848-871 this should bring the boot up.

lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 21:32:52

Thank you! Nearly perfect - affordable, plainish, smart, leather.

Can I put up with a buckle and a square toe? My fussiness is an affliction.

lastSplash Mon 01-Oct-12 21:37:51

For anyone else following this thread -
recommended Next boots
beautiful duo boots
Evans boots
Viva La Diva

janji Tue 02-Oct-12 00:47:17

Clarks do wider fittin boots; just check they have the e fitting before ordering.

lastSplash Tue 02-Oct-12 17:46:10

Janji, the wider fitting is on the foot not the calf though right? Otherwise I can get my originally favoured pair (hooray!)

janji Wed 03-Oct-12 00:38:56

It is on the foot but I have found that the calf do seem more generous ( I have def chunky calves and found them good).

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