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Hair straightening. I need to know everything.

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SlightlyJaded Mon 01-Oct-12 19:04:40

I have longish wavy to curly brown hair

Blow dried with a big round brush, it looks nice - straightish with some body. Sometimes I straighten with GHDs for sleekness but sometimes I just don't have time / can't be arsed. It is thick and takes ages.

For a while I have bee toying with the idea of getting it straightened but am confused by the conflicting reports. Some people say it makes your hair shiny and lovely and others say it ruins your hair.

I don't have any colour in it so want to get on with it before I get bored and colour my hair, but what/where is the best treatment to go for?

The thought of being in the rain/on the beach/somewhere hot and humid and maintaining a non-frizzy 'do' fills me with great excitement.

I am in London and Surrey is accessible too. I would really appreciate advice/suggestions.

SlightlyJaded Mon 01-Oct-12 20:02:57

Shameless bump.

Before I lose my nerve.

ScottOfTheArseAntics Mon 01-Oct-12 20:14:08

Years ago I used to get my hair straightened at a place in Islington called Rough Cut. The owner Ray Rough used to do it but a few of the stylist did it also. I think they are still going but it's 10 years since I left London.

I was really satisfied with the outcome, my hair was shiny and straight. I used to get it done twice a year for about 3 years. 10 years later and my hair is still intact and healthy so no apparent long term problems!

The only niggle I had was that once a litle of the straightening solution was left on the skin behind my ear and it burned like hell.

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