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What is your favourite pair of jeans?

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dairymoo Mon 01-Oct-12 14:53:55

I am on the look out for a couple of new pairs of jeans, after mine have all gone through at the knees (too much crawling around after the DCs!) and am after some recommendations.

In the past, I have loved a pair of J Crew Vintage Slim jeans, until they got too holey in the knee.

I have got a great pair of GAP High Rise Skinny Jeans at the moment, although they are a tad on the skinny side, not v comfy for every day wear.

I do like TS Baxters, but find they get a bit baggy after a while.

FWIW, I am 5'6" and pretty slim, legs are my best feature - hence my desire to find some flattering jeans.

So c'mon S&B'ers - which jeans do you rate?

BornToFolk Mon 01-Oct-12 19:42:24

H&M straight. I got them off the sale rail for a fiver but they fit me like a glove. They are slightly higher fitting than I'm used to, nice and soft, with a good stretch.

PeriPathetic Mon 01-Oct-12 19:45:03

Goldsign Envy. But they don't seem to make them any more sad

IWishIKnewHow Mon 01-Oct-12 20:21:21

Has anyone tried Not Your Daughter's Jeans? Any good?

Specialbrew Mon 01-Oct-12 21:41:31

Uniqlo super skinny tapered jeans, are by far my fave. I have them in all colours, very flattering, denim not too thick or too thin, and they keep their shape well. My oldest pair are in their third year, and are still great

I've tried a fair amount of premium jeans (J Brand, Paige, 7FAM, AG) in the past, but I always go back to the Uniqlo ones. MIH Paris, and James Twiggy come next for me.

WORST jeans ever were Whistles skinny jeans. Lost their shape completely after only an hour. Complete waste of £45!

Come back and let us know what you buy!

dairymoo Mon 01-Oct-12 22:32:22

Right, lots to try.

I've had a few pairs of H&M jeans before but they are always the first to rip / get holes in. I must spend an awful lot of time on my knees hmm as it literally happens to every pair I own!

DonaAna I agree with having quite a few different styles - as they all suit different tops. I guess I am really after:
1 x boyfriend jean, or something comfy to wear with converse, brogues and a couple of short(ish) TS jumpers that I have.
1 x skinny jean, probably ankle length to wear with a few anthropologie blouses that I've bought recently.
1 x bootcut / flare / straight?? to dress up with heels for nights out.

Rebecca54 - which Levis do you wear? I remember loving my 501s back in the day, but am not sure what fit to go for now.

Will also add River Island to my list, like the sound of £30 jeans! Uniqlo & Nudie too. Sadly, at the moment I think MiH are out of my budget, but I might have a look on eBay.

Not a huge fan of Primark, always looks like a massive jumble sale to me, but interesting that a few of you rate them. Might give them a try next time I'm in town.

Also, have never shopped in Next as I find it a bit mumsy, but will give it a go.

MrsCampbellBlack - agree re shape. FWIW, I am a size 8, narrow hips but quite straight up and down around my waist. I often find that jeans too tight on my waist fit perfectly on my hips & thighs, and the ones that are more comfy around my waist stretch and get too baggy around my legs.

At this rate, I'm going to have to set aside a whole day for jeans shopping. Not entirely a bad thing grin.

AngryFeet Mon 01-Oct-12 22:49:06

Uniqlo are very good. Sadly i am too fat for them at the moment as they only do up to size 14.

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 02-Oct-12 10:54:58

Oh I'm similar shape to you and have been impressed with River Island.

I think MiH have altered their cut slightly as I have some velvet oslos from last year which are perfect but tried this years on and they were too baggy on my thighs.

Good luck!

EdMcDunnough Tue 02-Oct-12 11:01:01

My favourites are dark blue Levis red tab skinny jeans - they're kind of drainpipe really, I wore them all the time before I got pg sad and hope to be back in them fairly soon after!

Bought at TKMaxx for about £16 instead of the supposed £75 or whatever they're meant to be. So that was lucky. Look around for sale ones.

They have a really long style number thing, not like 501 etc. and they were pre- all that bold curve etc nonsense.

EdMcDunnough Tue 02-Oct-12 11:02:31

Oh I have got some TS Baxters too Bonny. But the maternity version. I have to say they are much nicer than any of my other mat jeans, but still I am off jeans for the last 3 months, I have resorted to skirts instead as my arse is so big.

MadBusLady Tue 02-Oct-12 11:04:02

Another Uniqlo vote here (discovered via MN). I'm wearing skinny straights today which are for more "together" days when actual people are going to see me. Medium straights are for long walks/lounging/mucking about.

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay Tue 02-Oct-12 11:13:57

If you are on your knees a lot, I don't think it is worth spending a lot on designer jeans. Even if your budget allows. They will go through just like any other pair.

For the skinny day jean, I rate Uniqlo. They do some good skinny cords too. They are long, but if you are near a store they will take them up for you. They tend towards the slightly big though. I am a 12 in most clothes, but normally a 14/30 inch waist in jeans as I have quite curvy hips. In the Uniqlo jeans I was a 29, and might even have managed a 28.

For nights out, super pricey, but I like 7 for all mankind straight leg.

dairymoo Tue 02-Oct-12 14:53:31

Right - must get myself to a Uniqlo asap. What kind of rise are they?

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay Tue 02-Oct-12 15:09:55

Mine are super stretchy ones and the rise is what I would call 'mid'. It is well below my belly button, so not a high waist, but high enough to hold things in a bit and not gape with shorter tops.

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Tue 02-Oct-12 15:15:58

Don't mock but my favourites are by Jack Wills. I have one pair which I have had for 5 years and they are brilliant. They do skinny, which are normal straight leg, and super skinny ones. I have a couiple of pairs of both size, and they are not as ridiculously expensive as you may thing, skinny are about £70 and the super skinny £50 or so. They wash brilliantly.

DonaAna Tue 02-Oct-12 20:07:09

Outnet usually has a lot of MiH for about 50% off.
Read this before you go jean-shopping!

dairymoo Tue 02-Oct-12 22:14:56

Been looking at the Uniqlo website, has anyone tried the legging jeans? Quite like the look of the coloured ones and, dare I say it, the grey patterned ones.

My2Monkeys Tue 02-Oct-12 22:50:18

Gap high rise...

r1975 Sun 21-Oct-12 00:15:03

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