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What shall i wear please

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miche8 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:07:43

Help i need some suggestions/links please. Now the weather has got colder what could i wear for going out to lunch or for a meal in the evening, we live in the country and i always feel cold whenever we eat out because my evening tops are sleeveless and more suited to nights out in busy bars in the city, which i never do now.

I don't want to be on trend, more of a classic look, i am 33 and a size 14. I have smarter jeans but need some warmer tops with sleeves, maybe some smarter special evening knit wear(god i sound like my nan) perhaps a little sequin detail. I would also like some flat brown ankle boots for under jeans and some flat brown riding boots i think they are called to wear over skinnies, boots have to be flat as we walk its not far but too far for heels, and I don't feel right in a dress.

Would this be the sort of thing i should be looking for? Have just come home from a morning shopping empty handed. It doesn't help that i am a bit unsure of where to shop, i like fat face usually for casual during the day but haven't come across anything suitable for eating out feels a bit too casual.

Bubblemoon Mon 01-Oct-12 17:06:40

How about layering a few things, then you can wrap up on the way out and then peel off as you warm up? I like tunics, which you can wear with tights and lovely shoes if it's a smarter do (saw a woman at lunch yesterday wearing a fab black and white pattern tunic with black opaque tights and red patent mary janes) or leggings or jeans and your riding boots if it's sunday lunch at the local pub. You could wear a little cardi over the top and add some sparkly jewellery if you want to up the ante.

This tunic could go anywhere

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