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Brown hair mixed with white. I need help, please...!

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neva Sun 30-Sep-12 17:31:17

I used to have brown hair. There's still a lot of brown, but with white mixed in, and patches at the crown and front which are solid white.

If it was thick, or wavy, it would have something going for it, but it's dead straight and fine.

It's in a just below shoulder length bob with fringe. The fringe is quite brown, which can look odd, considering the sides are white!!

I used to dye it brown, or have brown lowlights put in, but got fed up with the time, expense, mess (if done at home), not to mention exposure to chemicals. I love the idea of having natural hair, and every day I see women who have greys or are pure white and look fantastic (thinking Christine Lagarde).

But my hair is just such a mish-mash, brown, white, dyed ends... I really need some help, as I am fed up that I can't ever get my hair looking good (the rest of me isn't too bad smile)

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