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Hair dye question(s)

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whitesocksblackshoes Sun 30-Sep-12 13:27:02

I have naturally ash blonde hair which I went to the hairdressers to go a bit darker - since then I have been dyeing it myself at home with Nice & Easy medium ash brown.

The problem is that it needs re-done nearly every two weeks as the roots keep showing through and as a result my hair is getting very dark now and a bit uneven coverage (v dark round the front & patchy round the back - attractive!)

- Is there anything I can do to remedy this before going to a hairdressers?
Also would a hairdressers be able to fix this without it costing many dolla-dollas?

whitesocksblackshoes Sun 30-Sep-12 22:09:22


xxxresixxx Sun 30-Sep-12 22:18:34

You need to leave the dye on the riots and Comb it through after 10 mins. As for roots, the only way to ease them is to lighten up your hair or put some highlights in. A darker block colour will always show roots quickly.

I've come to realise that home dying can be a false economy. A good salon colour with highlights/ better quality dye/ the advice of a professional can result in less need to keep re dying hair. I dye my hair red but because the tone matches my natural tone, when it fades it 'blends' meaning I only need to colour it every fewmonths

xxxresixxx Sun 30-Sep-12 22:18:59

Roots not riots lol

gindrinker Mon 01-Oct-12 08:26:21

You can buy hair dye remover. Take it all off and start again?

scootle Mon 01-Oct-12 14:36:41

I had the same problem - my hair looked really awful especially as I changed colour halfway through. I went to the hairdresser and he said that a lot of 'semi-permanent' dye is in fact permanent - so my new roots had a lot less colour than the ends. He sorted out my hair and it looks soooo much better. I touch up between sessions with Tween Time - a kind of crayon that you colour your roots with (mn recommendation) but am also going to do another home dye this time because I don't want to spend £50 every three weeks.

whitesocksblackshoes Mon 01-Oct-12 21:07:11

thank you for your replies, I might try that Tween Time - have never heard of it before...may also ring the hairdresser tomorrow smile

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