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Skinny jeans

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scrivette Sun 30-Sep-12 09:08:22

My skinny jeans are now too baggy for me to wear, I wore them when pregnant and was pleased I could say I was still fitting into size 8, but I did stretch them!
Are there any high street stores you would recommend that do decent skinny jeans without spending a fortune?

suze28 Sun 30-Sep-12 09:11:19

I get mine from Gap but have heard, on here, that DP skinny jeans are great. The super skinny I think, and are £25.

musttidyupmusttidyup Sun 30-Sep-12 09:13:14

Try grin
No, seriously, I'm just envy
I love my TU skinnies from sainsbo's. next are ok. Uniqlo skinnies are fab. If you're wanting to do it cheap try eBay.

susiefen Sun 30-Sep-12 09:51:31

Depends how much you want to spend, but I've got skinnies from Primark that are fab for the money. Apart from that, Zara are great and I've heard that New Look are pretty good too. Others on here have raved about Next skinnies that have a slightly higher waist. Have fun shopping!

Downbytheocean Sun 30-Sep-12 09:58:52

I just got a great pair from h&m for £9.99.

maryquant Sun 30-Sep-12 12:14:50

I second GAP flattering skinnies

Lovewearingjeans Sun 30-Sep-12 12:20:32

I am loving my New Look coloured skinnies.

bushymcbush Sun 30-Sep-12 12:24:43

I bought a pair in George at Asda the other day for £14. They're pretty good for the money.

scrivette Sun 30-Sep-12 15:39:28

They were a very large size 8 grin

Thank you, Sainsburys had 25% off today so got a black pair, but will check out the other shops for a blue pair.

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