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Red shoes - yay or nay??

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Megatron Sat 29-Sep-12 15:56:45

red shoes

I like them but I have notoriously shocking taste in shoes so I am prepared to be told they are shite. grin

Charliefox Sat 29-Sep-12 18:34:00

Erm, they're ok. Unremarkable but not awful.

ishopthereforeiam Sat 29-Sep-12 18:45:39

yay - inoffensive and very wearable.

mirpuppet Sat 29-Sep-12 18:49:59


toffeefee Sat 29-Sep-12 18:53:28

I have them in nude and love them! Very comfortable and easy to wear. Definitely get the red! smile

Megatron Sat 29-Sep-12 19:18:33

Yay! Thank you. grin

BunnyLebowski Sat 29-Sep-12 19:20:08

Red shoes? Hell yes! I have more than 10 pairs blush

Those shoes? No. Unless for work.

QueenCadbury Sat 29-Sep-12 19:25:53

I think you could find nicer red shoes but if you like them get them.

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