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I'm a young frumpy mum, style me please

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Mam2012 Sat 29-Sep-12 13:21:17

I'm feeling down because I'm still having to wear my matalan maternity trousers as my pre pregnancy clothes dont fit yet. I have a limited amount of tops that go with these, and they arent very flattering.
I need a fashion overhaul. I need a couple of stylish outfits that will keep me going until I lose more weight.
I am 22years old
Size 12-14 bottoms
Size 12 tops, depending on how they fit on bust (I am currently 30H with breastfeeding)
I am 5'2"
I am a chunky hourglass shape I suppose, my calfs and thighs being the chunkiest bits, so skinny jeans and knee high boots don't come anywhere need me.
Are there any outfits you could suggest? I have absolutely no clue and when I go to try clothes on I just get depressed, please help me. sad

comeonpilgrim Sat 29-Sep-12 15:07:30

What about a shirt dress? I had a couple which I wore all the time when I was breastfeeding (buttons for easy access, see). Dead easy to chuck on and adjust the belt as you lose weight.
You could wear with leggings or tights, flats or ankle boots.
I think this sort of shape can be really flattering if you have a bigger bottom-half as you aren't adding any bulk there.


juneau Sat 29-Sep-12 15:10:54

When I was fatter I wore a lot of skirts, tights and boots. On top you can wear a wrapover-style for easy BFing. An A-line skirt and a pair of boots can hide a multitude of big thighs/calves/bottom/whatever.

comeonpilgrim Sat 29-Sep-12 15:19:10

sorry, this one


Curtsey Sat 29-Sep-12 15:39:16

Hi Mama2012 smile

I think a shirt dress is a good idea. Here's one that could be cool, smart and flattering, and easily dressed up or down.It is 100% silk, though, so you might want to get some more everyday kind of pieces that can better hold up to sick-ups and leakages.

This tunic worn with tights/leggings and ankle boots looks like a very handy number. It's not super-cool, but you could improve it with a leather jacket or a long-line blazer.

This looks like a handy dress - again, make it younger with a leather jacket, red nails, and ankle boots. And a scarf when it's cold.

Don't feel down about how you look. Hopefully some of the suggestions here will inspire you - but you're looking after a small baby and breastfeeding, so do be very kind to yourself.

Lovewearingjeans Sat 29-Sep-12 17:24:55

I felt like this after my first and bit the bullet and bought jeans in the size I was at the time. This helped me feel a lot better. I didn't breast feed, so not sure of suitable tops.

Mam2012 Sat 29-Sep-12 21:26:36

Thank you for your replies ladies.

Comeonpilgrim I had never considered a shirt dress (mailny because I didn't know they existed blush) but those dresses are lovely. Although they are a bit short, and I'm not sure if I would be confident wearing them with my treetrunk legs that are covered in stretchmarks. I don't tend to wear dresses, I'm more comfortable in trousers. I wish I could pull them off!

Juneau What sort of boots? With or without heel? I don't have any knee highs among my vast collection of never worn shoes.

Curtsey I love that tunic and the second dress is lovely, I'm guessing would look amazing with coloured accessories, but I wouldn't know where to start dont tend to 'accessorise' according to the outfit, I just go for the warmest scarf for example. And I think if I tried I would just look ridiculous!

Lovewearingjeans I did do that a few weeks after giving birth as I was basically living in one outfit that he kept peeing on, so I couldn't go out. I bought size 16 jeggings, but now I have lost a bit of weight there is just baggyness in the waist and crotch area, so it looks worse.

Basically, I am fat, frumpy and have absolutely no sense of style whatsoever, I don't pick an outfit based on if its coordinated, I pick things that fit, and chuck them together and look a mess and I don't think I can pull any of the new fashions off. I am planning on going shopping tomorrow, so will try some of the styles you have suggested, if I can find anything similar. Hopefully something will work!

Thanks again xx

Curtsey Sat 29-Sep-12 22:11:11

Mama -

You're a size 12-14, lady! You're hardly huge! My goodness.

Don't worry about the new fashions. Do a little research (you're doing this already!) and concentrate on getting say, two or three full outfits that you feel happy in. That way you don't have to worry about 'looking a mess' (I'm sure you don't look a mess anyway) because you'll know you've put thought into your outfits and you'll know they're good.

You mention you have lots of shoes you don't wear. Perhaps you should consider investing in a pair of go-with-everything boots that will see you through the autumn, winter and spring. Clarks will be comfortable. You'll need to spend a bit more than, say, New Look, but you won't regret it. How about these? The low heel will be comfortable. And see that tiny 'V' where the material dips slightly around the ankle? That gives the appearance of lengthening the leg ever so slightly.

Do you ever shop online? It's a blessing for when you have a small baby. You just need to keep on top of sending things back if they don't suit.

Some suggestions about how to style the tunic and dress, if they're any good-


Tunic + Leggings +leather jacket + snood+ boots as above

dress + any black tights or leggings as above + jacket as above + boots as above +scarf + nails

Mam2012 Sat 29-Sep-12 22:45:16

Hello again Curtsey
Its more of a case I'm chunky for someone so short, especially my legs, they've always been big. I do tend to get a pair of shoes that I wear constantly until they're ruined. I quite like the boots, do you think the black would be best? I don't tend to do online shopping as I'm not good at sending thigs back if they dont fit. But it does seem like a better idea than going shop to shop with a baby. I love the scarf with the second outfit. I want to be more adventurous, but I worry I'll just end up looking ridiculous.

Curtsey Sat 29-Sep-12 22:55:17

I couldn't imagine going clothes shopping with a baby; I haven't yet and mine is 8mo! You could try the online shopping and just force yourself to be disciplined about sending things back. If you have a local post office you&baby could walk there for any returns, and get out of the house for a bit? That's what I do.

Personally yes I'd go for black boots over any other colour. They're just more versatile. I like that scarf too. A scarf is a fabulous and easy way to start being more adventurous. If you love the scarf, give it a go! Hey, and it might come in handy if you need to feed your baby while you're out and about smile

Lovewearingjeans Sun 30-Sep-12 12:30:07

Where have you shopped before? With New Look you can order online and take it back to the shop, same for Next if that's easier. It is easy to feel frumpy when you are bigger than you are used to being, and it doesn't help when your baby makes you messy!

juneau Sun 30-Sep-12 13:22:39

I have a selection of boots, but I like a low heel - Merrell do nice comfy, warm boots for winter. However, if you can wear heeled boots comfortably they do wonders for the length of your legs and your general posture. I always feel far foxier in heels than I do without.

juneau Sun 30-Sep-12 13:23:21

And yes, knee high boots. I don't like short boots and skirts - they look weird IMO.

juneau Sun 30-Sep-12 13:25:06

Boden do nice boots to go with skirts.

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