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Shampoo recommendation

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Pinkpiglet Sat 29-Sep-12 13:17:09

Hello all,

I am in need of some recommendations for good shampoo. I'm currently getting very greasy hair from shampoo build up. I have thick hair with dry highlighted ends and greasy roots.

Can anyone recommend a highstreet shampoo that doesn't cause a build up? I love kerastase but can't afford it whilst on maternity leave.

Thanks in advance!

bangersmashandbeans Sat 29-Sep-12 13:57:23

Sounds like we have similar hair and since getting pregnant everything seems to make it greasy so I've had to experiment a lot. I've finally come up with treseme shampoo (new one black with green writing?) and Pantene conditioner. I'm on day 3 since I washed it and it's still passable! (Good enough for a windy walk on the beach anyway!)

YoullLaughAboutItOneDay Sat 29-Sep-12 14:00:59

I find it needs to be something clear, not white IYSWIM. So I like Tresemme. Timotei is a blast from the past, but pretty good too. Stuff like Pantene builds up something chronic.

knitknack Sat 29-Sep-12 15:23:37

The bodyshop's ginger shampoo is incredible - its marketed as a dry scalp shampoo but keeps my thick hair shiny and happy smile

Birdies Sat 29-Sep-12 15:51:57

I used to buy Kerastase too but I actually prefer the Liz Earle one with their conditioner for dry hair - my hair looks shiny and healthy and never greasy now so I don't need to wash it every day anymore (or even every other day smile ). Oh and I have quite dry ends too normally, but not anymore.

Pinkpiglet Sat 29-Sep-12 16:43:35

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I've just bought some timotei to try as it was £1 in Asda and I'll see how that works.

BupcakesAndCunting Sat 29-Sep-12 18:49:18

The Aussie shampoo for everyday use is BRILLIANT for this! I can't remember the name of it though blush It does say on the blurb on the front that it doesn't cause build-up.

suebfg Sat 29-Sep-12 18:53:50

Another vote for Aussie - smells gorgeous too

Stevie77 Sat 29-Sep-12 20:46:53

Try not using conditioner. Iif you must, use either a hair mask once a week or a leave-in conditioner but a hair most one, not a cream. Conditioner is the biggest culprit in build up and making roots greasy!

Chocoholiday Sat 29-Sep-12 22:00:19

Never put conditioner on top half of hair - just on tips and halfway up - is my top tip from a hairdresser. It seems to work for me. Tresemme is fine.

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