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Sizing help please for hopeful dieter

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SchmancyPants Fri 28-Sep-12 07:20:36

Hi, I am 5' 1" and was a biggish size 14 up until the end of July, when I started cutting out the crap food and exercising and have lost 12 pounds so far (proud emoticon). I am now struggling as my old size 14 trousers are beginning to fall off me (literally, in the case of one pair!) but the size 12 ones I have recently bought in an optimistic mood are still too small. I can get them on, but there is a SERIOUS muffin top going on!
My question is, which shops tend towards more generous sizing? I need some smart trousers for work in a biggish size 12 to wear until I have lost a bit more weight. Not a massive budget so although I love Karen Millen and Jigsaw stuff, I an sadly more at the Next and M and S price range.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Cordrazine Fri 28-Sep-12 07:30:07

Next and M&S tend to be generous, as does DorothyPerkins ime. Hope you find something.

SchmancyPants Fri 28-Sep-12 07:40:41

Thanks Cordrazine. Hadn't thought of Dorothy Perkins- will have a look. Any other ideas?

Spamspamspam Fri 28-Sep-12 09:29:29

I find kew big I am a 14-16 but can guarantee to always be a 14 in there and sometimes veering towards a 12. They have a sale on at the moment got some dresses for £25 reduced from £109! Kew is sister company to jigsaw so lots of similar stuff but cheaper

SpicyPear Fri 28-Sep-12 09:54:59


moosemama Fri 28-Sep-12 09:58:55

Definitely Next, their size 12 is very generous. I bought a pair when I'd lost weight and found they were too big. Kept them anyway and now I've gained a stone (thanks to two months on crutches) and am around a size 14 the Next size 12's fit me perfectly.

I also find their 'slim leg' jeans both flattering and good for muffin-top issues. They're not as unforgiving as skinnies and they're not high-waist, but are higher than hipsters, so keep things under control, iykwim. wink

THETrills Fri 28-Sep-12 10:08:14

Dressipi will take your measurements and tell you what size you should be in a variety of shops, according to the shops' own definitions of their sizing.

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