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Please help me choose between 2 down filled coats!

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ToastedTeacakes Thu 27-Sep-12 16:13:45

Ok, I have to have one of these, but there's a fairly steep price gap between the two, so it's pulling my head apart.

Here is the first, the expensive one:

Can also see it modeled at the Hilfiger site in a diff colour here:,en_GB,pd.html&cgid=101000#!color%3D939_CHOCOLATE_TORTE%26i%3D2

I Love the length (perfect for me) and the style, looks so warm and durable.

And here is the less expensive one, a tad but shorter (or is the model just super tall??) and not as 'shaped' as the first coat...but lovely hood and looks fairly durable:,3717&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Navy

It's killing me, what would you do?
I would intend this to last a long time, so a bit of an investment.

ivykaty44 Sun 30-Sep-12 16:17:20

It is water resistent and the hood is detachable, which is a good thing in my book as the fur often gets mankey before the life time of the coat is up.

ToastedTeacakes Sun 30-Sep-12 16:35:43

ivykaty44 I'm really drawn to the first one, because I like the matte shell finish. In fact this is the best one I've encountered so far in terms of the idea image I had in my head!

I am pale, cool toned blonde with blue eyes, and have no idea, other than navy, which would suit me. I am interested in the ivory......much prefer this coat to the Tommy one and it is nearly £100 cheaper!

ivykaty44 Sun 30-Sep-12 16:54:11

It will be far better quality than the tommy coat and far warmer - I would go for the ivory, then dry clean each winter smile

ToastedTeacakes Sun 30-Sep-12 17:04:09

I agree about the comparison the the Tommy coat. Is the Lands End sizing true? I'm really tempted to go with this one!

I really appreciate everyone's help in this thread too - thanks so much!

exercisejunkie Sun 30-Sep-12 17:51:54

toasted, just to throw a spanner in the works, the belmont is available on Ebay, brand new, buy it now..just sayin!

bishboschone Sun 30-Sep-12 17:56:33

I tried on all the Zara ones today and they are so stiff . I have a beautiful one from last year , so soft but it's too big ( now on eBay sad). This years offerings aren't up to the same standard .

ToastedTeacakes Sun 30-Sep-12 18:25:06

The new Belmont or last yrs? I can't find the navy version sadly.

New hurdle concerns size. I did a search which revealed that Tommy, Lands End and North Face run pretty large. I generally take a UK6 in coats so I'm back to square one.

ToastedTeacakes Sun 30-Sep-12 18:30:24

What do people think of the new Joules Belmont?
Sadly there are no reviews this year (wonder why!), but it looks a bit like sausage casing from this pic:|BLACK

bishboschone Sun 30-Sep-12 18:34:07

I like that joules coat .. And not a bad price . I was just looking at north face Juneau .. £350! I am a size 8 mostly 6 in coats . The uniqlo one I tried was massive in size extra small ( supposedly 4-6) but the Zara extra small was too tight ( read too feckin stiff) !!!

ToastedTeacakes Tue 02-Oct-12 17:33:02

Just an update!

I actually went for the Boden Stockholm, after tearing my hair out trying to choose between that and the Tommy.
Chose the navy blue (was told over phone that it has a purple lining, like the green version) and they knocked the price down to £150 for me.

What swung it was the length, the colour of the faux fur and the sizing options. Also discovered that the Tommy coat does not actually contain down, just polyester padding.

This is the pic that convinced me:,-Scarves-Gloves/AD106/Womens-Breton-Stripe-Hat.html

Here's hoping it works!

My2Monkeys Tue 02-Oct-12 19:20:55

Personally I don't think either of those is a patch on the Didriksons Lindsey - not down filled but their coats are super warm and truly waterproof (unlike Boden's which are "showerproof" and in my experience start leaking after a few months). The photos of the navy and black aren't great but I think it's cut like the Celeste which my friend got last year - mid thigh at the front, longer at the back which looks great. I've chosen a different one (the Naomi, which VikingKids told me is the longest one they do this year - loving this for school run & dog walking) but I do love the look of the Lindsey in navy.

I totally agree with CaroleService, I'd never buy a winter coat from a fashion company again, but would choose a proper outdoor outfitter every time, as long as they also look stylish, which I think Didriksons ones do.

My2Monkeys Tue 02-Oct-12 19:24:21

ToastedTeacakes, I missed the last page before posting my reply above. I hope the Boden one will keep you warm and dry - I'd be highly doubtful that it's actually waterproof though. AFAIK their coats are "showerproof" at best and my last one got drenched through after just a couple of months.

ToastedTeacakes Tue 02-Oct-12 19:40:16

My2Monkeys No worries, I do agree with you completely. This is what pulled my head apart for so long, and kept me dithering...

I don't spend a great deal of time outdoors, not in the sense of doggie walking and such, and only really need something fairly showerproof which will be warm enough and protect my sensitive ears from the wind. The security of hood was almost more important to me than the actual coat itself! I also really wanted to stay below £150 and was fixated on long length navy blue.

Not familiar with Didriksons, though. I am still quite new to this quality coat lark grin

My2Monkeys Tue 02-Oct-12 20:39:00

Sounds like it will work fine for what you need then smile

For anyone else who needs a properly waterproof coat with a hood, I think the Didriksons hoods are great - I've only tried on 2 models but they're really adjustable and give really good cover without blocking your field of vision. Their children's coats have adjustable hoods too - both mine have older models of this one. They still fit them this year (bought one last year and one in 2010) so we're not in the market for another one just yet though...

lurkingaround Tue 02-Oct-12 22:45:49

I like your Naomi coat My2Monkeys. Would love one, but can't justify as the Mexx one I have (great heat, but more expensive and not totally waterproof, harrumph) Is fine. Will remember for next year.

FarrowAndBollock Wed 03-Oct-12 01:05:06

DrowningInLaundry (think that was her name) was the resident coat expert on here last year and advised against down as it is difficult to fluff up once wet. She advised synthetic filling.

Abzs Wed 03-Oct-12 10:25:06

I'd second that Farrow. If down gets wet it clumps together and loses its ability to insulate. The coats like the TNF Metropolis are best suited to cold dry places like central europe and the midwest US.

Synthetic insulation doesn't have this clumping problem so still insulates when wet. You do have to be careful when washing as it can still get wadded and lumpy in the machine and be very heavy when wet and tear the internal stitching.

Most manufacturers make both down and synthetic jackets. So if you think you're likely to get wet, then may be a synthetic option is for you. The best selling coat of this type last year where I work was the synthetic filled Jack Wolfskin Iceguard.

Imlostwithoutahope Wed 03-Oct-12 12:17:35

I've just ordered the Didrikson Naomi. I hope for the price it's worth it.

I can't seem to find anything I like. Last year I bought a lands end down coat, which is really warm with fab fleece pockets and cuff warmers but is a yucky brown colour and I feel like a oompah loompa in it. I've also got a few waterproof tresspass jackets which whilst keep the top half dry are cold and let the tops of my legs get wet. I also have a trespass ski jacket which is really warm but again short. Why can't anyone do a waterproof coat that is longer length. I don't want to do hill walking but do still want dry legs and a nice looking coat.

Fingers crossed for my Naomi

ToastedTeacakes Wed 03-Oct-12 13:43:23 are people actually washing their down coats? I've experienced the clumping issue before and have no idea how to proceed..I don't currently possess a dryer either.

bishboschone Wed 03-Oct-12 14:07:53

You need a dryer or a very very windy sunny day . I'm a professional dry cleaner ( although I don't work anymore ) . We only washed them and tumble dried them in a industrial size dryer . They still took hours to dry . They don't like being dry cleaned because the feathers suck up the solvent and it makes them smell and can leave solvent marks on the seams . I have washed hundreds over the years but I have been told the windy day method works . ( I personally wouldn't risk any of my down coats as once feather smell you have had it ) . Fwiw , I have been wearing down / feather coats for years and have never experienced clumping during wear !

ToastedTeacakes Wed 03-Oct-12 23:13:03

Thanks for the info! I'm wondering if there are places where I could take it to be done? Really intrigued by how others are doing it.

exercisejunkie Thu 04-Oct-12 05:55:46


glad you finally got a coat Toasted! i've long come to the conclusion that warm and waterproof doesn't exist, and during british winters its often one or the other, but rarely freezing and raining!

as I think I said before, I take my down coat to a local Laundry, they do commercial laundry (ie for hotels etc and) smaller stuff, I wash it at home then get them to dry it, I was nervous but they did a great job so i'll be using them again this winter,I commute into london so feel the trains make my coat grubby, I plan to now wash it 2-3 times this winter and it keeps it looking nice!

best thing is...they charge £7 to dry it! bargin! and it comes back all fluffy and new looking again!

mathanxiety Thu 04-Oct-12 06:14:33

You need a dryer to dry a down coat. What you do is wash it according to manufacturer's directions and then put it in the dryer along with three tennis balls. The tennis balls bang around inside the drum and bash the feathers as they bounce, which counteracts the wet feathers' tendency to clump. If you are dealing with a coat as opposed to a jacket then you will need an industrial/very large commercial dryer.

I lived in a very cold winter climate (midwestern US, north end) and the family and I wore puffy coats and jackets from October to April, some down and some poly fill, and washed them all the time. They came out perfect using the tennis balls method. Has to be three tennis balls.

Polyester filled coats and jackets keep you just as warm ime if the cold is dry as it is in a continental climate region. (Tennis balls don't go amiss with poly fill either.) Actually, I would be inclined to use the poly fill coat/jackets for the maritime/damp and cold of Ireland and the UK just to be able to keep them dry with minimum fuss. I think they would definitely be warm enough.

TellMeLater Thu 04-Oct-12 07:23:26

I have a North Face Arctic happy with it, I convinced dh to get the man's version. I love it, warm and water proof - the hood feels like it's giving you a gentle hug. I have washed it and successfully dried it with the tennis ball in the tumble - I just kept giving it a damn good shake. If my budget couldn't stretch to the Arctic Parka then I'd opt for the Didriksons Lindsey, it looks like a great coat, very stylish too.

ToastedTeacakes Thu 04-Oct-12 13:51:56

exercisejunkie Will look into that, thanks! The price sounds fine to me. Hopefully I can seek some advice in town.

mathanxiety It kind of makes me wonder why no mention of this is ever on the websites...only 'machine washable'. Yeh, and the rest! We don't have a drier, and I'm not sure closest friends/family do, and many of them live a fair stretch from me, too.

mathanxiety I love the Arctic parka, was a bit above what I was prepared to spend though. I'm hoping I won't freeze!

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