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Biker cardigan

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rabbitonthemoon Thu 27-Sep-12 07:49:15

I think there has been a thread in this but I can't find it again! I really like the biker cardigan in jigsaw and white company but suspect that I may not wear it after this year so am reluctant to spend that much..anyone spotted a cheaper alternative? I've looked at Zara and asos etc but haven't spotted one. Help appreciated!

marking my place - have seen a couple of boucle biker style cardigans with diagonal zips etc, but all a bit pricey for me at the moment..

moonstorm Thu 27-Sep-12 18:05:09

? has polyester in, though

SleepyFergus Thu 27-Sep-12 18:11:50

Don't know if this is the sort of thing you mean, but I got this recently and it's quite nice. Can dress up or down.

From the dreaded La Redoute which I promised I would never order from again, but this was on the flyer and looked too nice to ignore and at a good price ( I had a £5 off code too)

GobblersKnob Thu 27-Sep-12 18:16:04

One here but only one left.

madammecholet Thu 27-Sep-12 18:31:09

I SO nearly bought the La Redoute one Sleepyfergus but I couldn't get my code to work, how's the sizing, does it come up big or small?? La redoute can be so unpredictable...?

madammecholet Thu 27-Sep-12 18:38:26

Gah! found a 25% off code & bought it grin MN costs me a fortune!

SleepyFergus Thu 27-Sep-12 18:40:46

I had a right hoo hah ordering it as the site kept stalling. In the end I gave up, then the next day I got confirmation of my order - very odd!

The sizing worried me a bit as I'm a 12, on the options were 10/12 or 14/16. No 12/14? Anyway, I ordered the 10/12 and it's fine. Neat but not too tight. I could wear it zipped up but might feel the bed to constantly hold my tummy in! So will prob keep it as a cardigan that's open.

cocolepew Thu 27-Sep-12 18:44:18

I got one a couple of years ago in Sainsbury's it was great . This thread has reminded me of it, I have no idea where it is hmm

QueenBeebread Thu 27-Sep-12 18:48:24

I returned the La Redoute jacket because it is much more of a cardigan than a jacket, and I was after something with a bit more structure. The knit is quite loose and stretches easily, so I'd definitely size down.

QueenBeebread Thu 27-Sep-12 18:50:00

PS Code 8062 gives you 50% off your most expensive item at La Redoute apparently.

Dollydowser Thu 27-Sep-12 20:50:19

I saw the jigsaw one this week and thought it was gorgeous, I don't wear black though. A biker cardigan would be more practical than a jacket, although I love this one in blue but sadly don't love the price.
So watching with interest in case any more biker carry/jackets in non black pop up.

Dollydowser Thu 27-Sep-12 21:07:13

look away now

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 27-Sep-12 21:11:30

Think I did a thread on knitted biker jackets a couple of weeks back.

H&M now have some in store for around the £25 mark but they're definitely mroe jacket than cardigan.

Oasis also have one in black for about £60.

germyrabbit Thu 27-Sep-12 21:12:25

surely biker linked with cardigan is a contradiction grin

nilbyname Thu 27-Sep-12 21:14:27

ooh, want one. But needs to be cheap!

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 27-Sep-12 21:15:39

If you search on shopstyle just use wool biker or knitted biker and you should get a fair few results.

I liked the white co and toast ones best.

ancienthistrionics Thu 27-Sep-12 21:16:49

They've got loads in Zara. I got this yesterday.

nilbyname Thu 27-Sep-12 21:18:26

Oh no, cant do the fakey/real leather sleeves. Not my scene.

Dollydowser Thu 27-Sep-12 21:21:08

I've been trawling through shop style, and google, so many (expensive) seem to be out of stock. When I found one I thought was perfect, it was the Jigsaw one again!
v cheap jacket here

Dollydowser Thu 27-Sep-12 21:27:19

This is lovely, Evans but only in size 14 £65.

rabbitonthemoon Fri 28-Sep-12 07:07:49

grin germy

Thank you good style folk for your valiant hunt. dolly the Evans one would be perfect but alas not my size. But it makes me think cheaper ones will appear! But mostly I still love the jigsaw one, as I want it it in black and not with different sleeves. It's payday. I'm worried smile

Cherrypie32 Fri 28-Sep-12 07:48:03
I've got this coming from Next, not sure how much jacket or cardi it will be but looks lovely.

QueenBeebread Fri 28-Sep-12 10:33:58

Just seen this River Island jacket which looks good on the schoolgatestyle blogger.

It's acrylic/poly and pleather though, if that bothers you.

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