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Magnetic nail polish resistance?

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Loveleopardprint Thu 27-Sep-12 07:25:39

I bought some lovely red magnetic nail polish but I seem to have one nail that is resistant to the magnet. Has anyone else had this problem? All of my nails have the pattern except for one. I have tried it three times on that nail and nothing happens. Has anyone else experienced this??

Lakota Thu 27-Sep-12 13:01:24

Nope, you're obviously an alien amongst us! How odd. I'm not sure how it could be you though, as the magnetic particles are in the polish.

Loveleopardprint Thu 27-Sep-12 14:05:43

I know. Really odd. Every other finger fine! Bought a grey one aswell so will try that to see if it works on my alien finger!

DameEnidsOrange Thu 27-Sep-12 14:11:04

I've found my toe nails don't take as well as finger nails.

jen127 Thu 27-Sep-12 14:35:36

I found that my nails were good with the grey one but crap with the burgundy!
I have a colour allergy!

Mumelie Thu 27-Sep-12 15:02:44

I bought Boots 17 grey and that works a treat but the Barry M Burgundy is rubbish - only got 2 nails to work! None of them worked on my DD - but put this down to tiny nails and no base coat. I did find that you needed a thin first coat and a thicker second coat.

NettoSuperstar Thu 27-Sep-12 15:06:52

I bough tthe Barry M blue one the other day, but haven't tried it yet.

tabulahrasa Thu 27-Sep-12 15:07:14

Maybe that finger's already magnetic?

Loveleopardprint Thu 27-Sep-12 17:54:16

I am trying the grey Barry m one tonight will report back on my magic finger!

Loveleopardprint Thu 27-Sep-12 18:04:26

Tried the grey. None of them worked. What a waste if money!!!

Lakota Thu 27-Sep-12 20:33:13

The Nails Inc one I have is excellent - silver/grey. I haven't tried the Barry M ones. I would return it of it doesn't work properly. I did review the Nails inc one on my blog, if you're interested.

Loveleopardprint Sat 29-Sep-12 21:59:59

Went to big John Lewis in London today. An assistant tried some nails inc magnetic polish on me. It didn't work either. She looked embarrassed but then admitted they didn't work that well !! wink

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