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restocking wardrobe - what price range do i go for ? advice please

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nevertoooldforindie Wed 26-Sep-12 11:24:19

Hi after two pregnancies and finally accepting I'm never going to lose two stone I am slowly restocking my wardrobe

so far I've got a couple of pairs of jeans I like, a nicer outfit for maybe meeting pals or shopping without kids and a going out outfit (not that I go out much!)
I could do with some long sleeve tops/cardis/jumpers, trousers mainly for doing school run then going to play groups. Do I buy a couple of more expensive to mid range tops or do I go for supermarket chic. DD2 is still in a dribbly pukey stage so they will be in and out the washing machine a lot.

Im in a right style rut so any help appreciated

Meggles76 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:53:08

I would spend more on decent jeans, a good blazer, some nice boots and a good bag.
I would go cheaper on tops and scarves. Especially as your daughter is still young and things could be ruined.

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