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Help! Need something for a funeral

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Millie1 Wed 26-Sep-12 10:16:26

Aaargh. Will have to go to relative's funeral in next few days and my wardrobe contains little but skinny jeans. Well, there are some skirts and trousers in there but they are from yesteryear and look it! Don't know whether to look for dress, skirt or trousers. Need somewhere online that does next day delivery - probably John Lewis, maybe HoF. Must be warm and winter wear.

Would really appreciate advice/suggestions/links please. Am 5'7, have legs so skinny that they look dreadful in skirts with shoes/heels but I think I do suit something above the knee but only if worn with boots. Am probably an apple but an apple without a bosom, I do have the tummy though and it's my big problem. Size 10 usually fits - I'm pretty much straight up and down bar the tummy!

Have been looking at JL but there are 203 pairs of black trousers in a size 10 so feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack - so long since I bought anything tailored that I don't know what suits anymore.

Help appreciated! Thanks

Flosie1989 Wed 26-Sep-12 11:30:44

Hiya smile

Next do next day delivery if ordered by 9pm as standard and currently have a half price sale on. They also do lots of lovely tailored items.

Although dont get too concerned about looking the part as I'm not sure anyone will really notice/mind. Just don't wear anything scruffy! smile

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