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I need boots. That don't make me look like a muppet.

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GoblinGold Tue 25-Sep-12 14:10:51

Right, so I've lots a bit of weight (wahey!) and have made the move from bootcut to sort-of skinny jeans. Not too skinny - it's been quite traumatic enough as it is. But now I can't work out what shoes to wear. I've been wearing ballet pumps but really need some boots (got fecking soaked yesterday). I've got knee-high heeled ones but they look weird. They need to be 'practical' - waterproof and walkable.

I'm late 30s and a size 16. (14 if I pick vanity sizing stores.) Curvy with a big but reasonably well-shaped arse (ie not saggy). I go in at the middle not as much as I'd like and out for boobs.

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