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Help me find specs frames that don't make me look like my mother!

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Lottapianos Tue 25-Sep-12 13:57:43

I need to go for an eye test and could really do with some new frames while I'm there. I'm currently wearing something like these but I think they make me look older than I am:

jai kudo frames

I'm 32, dark curly shoulder length hair, fair skin with rosy complexion, blue eyes, round face. My dress sense is smart-casual-indie, lots of dresses with boots and leggings, that sort of thing.

I quite fancy those ironically-ugly, slightly-hipster large frames, something like this:

large frames

I don't want to look like I'm Dame Edna or in fancy dress just something that looks a bit trendier - what do you think? All advice gratefully received smile

crazyaccountant Tue 25-Sep-12 14:19:32

Hmm yes the eternal search for the perfect glasses! You have my sympathy! I have quite a few pairs, these are the ones I get the most compliments on though, they are brown tortoiseshell effect with purple arms, I wouldn't have looked twice at them but tried them on and they just worked with my face shape/colouring and are quite different to other frames I've got!
Another pair I have in both brown and black
As I wear glasses all day every day I'm quite happy to splash out as really get my monies worth on cost per wear basis but understand some people would not be prepared to pay as much!
Have a look on the site I've linked to at the Chanel/Dior/jimmy choo frames for inspiration as always have a good choice of styles!

BunnyLebowski Tue 25-Sep-12 14:21:02

The first ones are generic middle-aged woman glasses.

Second ones are fab. I'm the same colouring as you and always buy dark framed retro/nerdy glasses. They look fab!

frankie4 Tue 25-Sep-12 14:32:51

I really like the second large frames, the first frames look a bit old fashioned now.

I am also looking at some chanel glasses but think I am too old for really trendy glasses but like these ones:

The Chanel 3188 frames - as link does not seem to be working.

Lottapianos Tue 25-Sep-12 14:54:42

OOh thanks all, you've convinced me that I can do a bit of geek-chic! crazyaccountant, I love the Chanel ones but they are a bit out of my price range sad Will have a look in good old Specsavers etc....

TheBirdsTheBirds Tue 25-Sep-12 15:39:06

Have you looked at Oliver Peoples ?

I have these ones in black and adore them. Slightly cat-eye, slightly geeky, but not ridiculous. Also Oliver Peoples glasses are not covered in logos/metal/fussy details like lots of brands.

minipie Tue 25-Sep-12 16:33:08

Was just about to suggest Oliver Peoples!

I have just bought (after extensive trying on sessions) their Lance R style in moss tortoise. As TheBirds says a lot of their styles are slightly geek chic but not too much.

TheBirdsTheBirds Tue 25-Sep-12 16:48:35

Btw, the glasses Zooey Deschanel wears in New Girl are Oliver Peoples Wacks - her glasses are what drew me to Oliver Peoples in the first place. I really like them on her, but they were too big for my narrow face - if you have a round face, they might suit you smile

Lottapianos Tue 25-Sep-12 16:54:03

OOh I quite like the Zooey Deschanel ones actually! OMFG at the price though - might try my little independent cheapo-but-very-good opticians first wink

SpicyPear Tue 25-Sep-12 17:21:13

Marc by Marc Jacobs have similar at a lower price. I have some of their sunnies and love them.

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