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Are beige boots acceptable, or what to wear with a blue dress

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MysteriousHamster Mon 24-Sep-12 18:39:52

I am trying to wear dresses more than trousers as they work with my figure a bit more, but as we go into autumn I might be running into problems.

I've got a fair few blue dresses and am struggling with footwear for them. They are knee length and don't go with the chunky boots I wear for leggings/straight leg jeans. They don't go with black knee high boots. I don't want to wear them with pumps or ankle boots.

I have a pair of brown knee high boots but I don't want to wear these all the time. They work, but I like to have another option.

Deep, in the dark recesses of my wardrobe, are a pair of beige-y, creamy knee-high, wedge boots (Hush Pupppies I think) from a few years back. Can I get away with this colour boot? I would have assumed so but looking online I can find hardly anything available it that sort of colour. Will it just look a bit naff?

They're sort of not really like this, but no woolly bits and more square of toe:

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