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Advice about what to wear with this Ted Baker Dress

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cartblanche Mon 24-Sep-12 01:11:50


Going to a wedding at the weekend. Am overweight but can manage to squeeze into this dress at a 16 am 5ft 4 - am wearing a tight-fitting, very thin black long-sleeved t-shirt under as I need a Spanx-like effect on my arms and I DON"T do sleeveless. Still looks good-ish. Far too short for me to wear as a dress with tights (watching the video with that willowy model has made me have second thoughts about wearing it but f**k it, I have no other options now after maxing out my credit card!!) Soooo, am thinking I might wear with leggings but don't know whether to go for full-length or 3/4/calf length. Do I go for matt-black or shiny or velvet?

And shoes, I don't do heels though can stumble along on a bit of a wedge. Sparkly ballet-flat maybe?

I don't dress up very often and have been going round like a bag-lady since piling on 3 stones in 6 months. I find weddings a huge ordeal and expense but I liked this dress because I think it more of a tunic and I think I will get wear out of it even if I shrink down a few sizes as it's nice and drapey.

Any pointers gratefully received!

cartblanche Mon 24-Sep-12 18:22:55


freerangeeggs Tue 25-Sep-12 22:02:51

I find weddings an ordeal too. I feel your pain!

I'd wear tights with it rather than leggings. I think leggings are a bit too informal for a wedding. You can get really thick tights that help to hold in all your bits too smile Try New Look, I'm sure I got some good quality ones there a while back.

How about tights and nice flats?

cartblanche Tue 25-Sep-12 22:25:29

Thanks freerangeeggs! I know what you mean with the leggings but my legs just look so chubby in tights sad they don't look as bad in leggings (why that is I don't know??). I may have another shop and see if I can get some slightly more "dressy" leggings. I've also gone and bought myself these They are shiny and give me a bit of height and I can imagine wearing them again.

Now just have to dye my hair and get it cut. Costing a fortune!!

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