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Men's Jeans help

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ChablisLover Sun 23-Sep-12 15:30:58

Dh has lost weight and is looking for new jeans

We are having a discussion as to the leg length.
His inside leg measures 33 and I say buy a 34 and get them taken up and keep the original hem

He wants to wear them with a flat converse type shoe or a heeled boot (unfortunately its a Simon cowell type Cuban heel - have tried to hid my disgust as he likes them) so a Cuban heel or a small heel like on a mans Chelsea boot

He thinks a 34 would be too long whereas I say the 32 is too short and would look silly especially with a Cuban heeled boot.

Help me please

How should men wear their jeans

It doesn't help that he hoiks them up and they look shorter than they are because at the mo his jeans are too big and he's doing it to keep them up (although he denies it).

We are looking at classic straight leg Jeans such as 501's and the like

All opinions are welcome

How does your dh/dp wear his?

notMarlene Sun 23-Sep-12 17:58:59

yes, 34 on a 33 leg is right. He'd look like a right twunt with a 32.

AgeingFop Sun 23-Sep-12 19:36:52

I'd go with the longer length. Jeans that are slightly too long can look good - and if not can be taken up. Jeans that are too short never look right.

ChablisLover Sun 23-Sep-12 20:26:17

I thought the longer length too plus get an original hem take up job on them.

He's read the same thing and I think I've talked him out of the Simon cowell boots! grin

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