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style blog recommendations for a shorty??

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happylittlebear Sat 22-Sep-12 23:37:15

Have looked at a few blog recommendtions on here but wondering whether there are any which would more suit my body type?

I am 5ft and a size 12, not a massive clothing budget so looking for someone who deals more with high street...

Any ideas?

BonnieBumble Sun 23-Sep-12 00:38:49

Watching with interest

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 23-Sep-12 08:38:04

Well for inspiration:


But those two are very aspirational.

Suburban is lovely and petite and fab on high street finds
self-interest as I blog on here. But think I'm allowed to mention it now on mn smile Tracey, Jasmine, Nat & Belinda are all fairly short so you may get some ideas from there.

happylittlebear Sun 23-Sep-12 10:09:36

Oooh thanks, that's lots to get me started!

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