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Static / Fly Away Fine Hair driving me bonkers!!!

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kiwidreamer Sat 22-Sep-12 21:59:14

I've recently had my hair cut to 'on the shoulder' length, flicky outy at the ends and shaped layers around jaw line, the combined pressure of daily appearances at the school gates and exercising every morning means I'm having to blow dry and shape front layers with a round bristle brush every day. I guess I touch my hair quite a bit, tucking behind ears etc which is turning my hair into a static nightmare by lunchtime - its a yuck feeling and I usually resort to a scraped pony tail so I can get on with my day (although sometimes its nasty right as I finish blow drying it). I use a Kerastase product for heat treated hair, pea sized amount, most days. I use a Pantene hair mask once a week.

Any tips on how I can stop my hair going static and sticking to my face - will one of the fancy oils help fine hair or is this a problem with round bristle brushes, what about that Big Hair thingy from Babyliss?? Thanks smile

permaquandry Sun 23-Sep-12 08:54:13

Marking my place....static is a mare for me too.

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