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Shoes for narrow/shallow feet

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purplepenguin86 Fri 21-Sep-12 20:30:47

Please help me! Since I was a child I have had an absolutely nightmare buying shoes. I am a size 5, which is nice and easy to buy for, and that is where it ends. My feet are narrow, but also very shallow, with high insteps and thin heels. Slip ons slip off, boots slop, ballet flats have no chance of staying on, some shoes with straps are ok, but many gape weirdly. I do wear insoles in most of my shoes, but I just find it a nightmare to find shoes that fit well enough for me to wear, and because of my high arches I find loads of shoes just aren't supportive enough and make my feet hurt (I'm looking at you Ugg boots!) Any suggestions of shoes/boots that might fit, or shops that come up narrow, or even specialise in narrow?! I'm always seeing wide fit shoes, but never narrow fit shoes sad I am 26 if that makes any difference. Thanks

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