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Am slightly scared to start this thread as you lot always find me gorgeous things and then I have to spend spend spend

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DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 17:57:15

I need a new winter coat
I want a masculine looking knee length coat, a car coat or a Cromby I have seen them described
Here is the Boden one
Not sure of the quality of the fabric tbh, I want as much wool or tweed as possible
I have a beautiful longer length Ronit Zilkha Harris Tweed coat in warm autumn colours from years ago and I love that
This is just a bit too tweedy but I do like it in the sage with the red running through/collar
I like this too but from last year Aubin and Wills
Any ideas>??
As usual will spend for the right coat, but don't encourage me too much

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:07:21

Phew, can put my credit cards away then

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 18:07:50

lands end ..? sorry
they have a tweed number as well



DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:11:48

VG ggirl
Lands end nice but double breasted
TMLEWIN contender
Reiss jacket just a little too short
Thanks lots

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:13:00

ooh yes, I can see the lands end tweed ones now
What a turn up! Nice looking

trixymalixy Fri 21-Sep-12 18:18:08

I would try in TKMaxx, they had loads of all saints tweed stuff in

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:20:27

Yes, DD2 would love a trip there on Monday, good tip

teatimesthree Fri 21-Sep-12 18:20:51

I got this one after somebody linked to it here:

£25 in H&M!

Looks a lot more expensive than it is, in my opinion. But could be shorter than you are looking for...

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:30:40

Will pop in there on Monday as well, thanks teatime

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 18:42:49

reiss but bit dull
love this toast one!
bit too girly?

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 18:45:31

car coat

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 18:49:53

I'm still going grin
looooooooooove this one

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 19:55:56

ggirl, i love those Ness tweed coats.
The colours are gorgeous
am fairly taken.....

faustina Fri 21-Sep-12 19:57:40

lots here

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 19:57:56

Blue herringbone or no boys chunky??

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 20:02:19

The cos coats are lovely and tailored, but not enough colour I think for day to day
Fabulous ideas everyone, keep them coming

Itsgottabebags Fri 21-Sep-12 20:28:27

H and M I think had something like ytou describe

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 22:34:17

The blue herringbone one is my favourite....that's it !! you must get it smile

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Sep-12 22:40:57

Me too
Am going to think about over next few days and will order sunday night probably
Will report back smile

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 22:46:24

ooh good ..look forward to it

DarrellRivers Tue 25-Sep-12 19:05:14

It has arrived
100% wool, lovely colour, lovely lining and great cut
Slightly crumpled from the post so slight disappointment but overall v pleased
Delivery was free
Will be keeping and shall be wearing tomorow
Thanks everyone

Beingblonde Tue 25-Sep-12 19:41:52

I love that coat in the purple. How long is it, Darrell?

ggirl Tue 25-Sep-12 19:44:47

wow that's good value for 100% wool !
you'll be toasty warm
so glad you like it

DarrellRivers Tue 25-Sep-12 19:50:29

It is on the thin side but does feel lovely and warm
It comes to the knee, or just a bit below ( I am 5 foot 4)

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