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vintage repro in modern fabrics, any ideas?

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mixeybobixey Fri 21-Sep-12 11:46:59

I was thinking I might get a couple of vintage repro type dresses as they are flattering to hourglasses. I had a look at some of the main vintage repro sites eg Heyday, Freddies, Barbara Brown but they are a bit too much towards vintage style fabrics and rockabilly for my taste - I'd quite like the shape of the dresses but in a more modern fabric (and better made than the TopShop type versions, hence looking on the specialist sites). Can anyone recommend any links?

Tweet2tweet Fri 21-Sep-12 11:58:58

Here's a good article:

As a coincidence, was just told about this website today:

trice Fri 21-Sep-12 12:01:59

I have some lovely stuff from vivienne of holloway and get cutie. If you have a fabric in mind you might be able to get something made to order to one of their patterns. It costs money though as there is a lot of work involved in making a dress and uk seamstresses deserve a fair wage.

trice Fri 21-Sep-12 12:08:38

Oh I love dolly dagger.
I wish I lived in brighton then I would be cool and hip instead of just being a bit wierd and scary.

Itsgottabebags Fri 21-Sep-12 17:03:56

Could you find a vintage pattern yourself,buy the material and look for a local seamstress to make it up for you?

mixeybobixey Sat 22-Sep-12 13:37:09

Thanks everyone! I have been having a bit of a think about all this as I what I am realising is I want this vintage-y type stuff to wear as workwear. So that's why it can't be too much along the lines of tropical prints etc. I suppose to put it in a nutshell I am wanting the shape of the original but not the original fabric. I like the idea of making up a dress from a pattern - I actually got as far, after that suggestion, of getting out some vintage dresses I already have and having a look at them. I would have to find someone to make them up though and of course there is a cost to that. Hmm.

LtheWife Sat 22-Sep-12 13:44:58

Maybe have a look on sites like etsy and folksy. There are some amazing seamstresses selling their wares and many of them will accept custom orders if you contact them.

Or if you want to go the local seamstress route they're often not as expensive as you might think. Local fabric shops often have a list of seamstresses.

NotMostPeople Sat 22-Sep-12 14:08:51

Have a look on eBay for hong kong dressmaker there is someone there who make up vintage style clothes in fabric of your choice to your measurements. There was a thread on here a few months ago and everyone who'd ordered had great things to say.

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