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Where do I start with home hair dye? How do I know which colours will suit me? I'm so confused <sob>

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maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Thu 20-Sep-12 17:52:34

Please help me grin

I need (ok want) to start colouring my hair to cover up a few gray hairs. I can't afford to have it done at a hairdressers so I'll have to resort to home dye

But there are so many to choose from! I don't know where to start, and I don't know what colour to get. Do you just pick the colour you like the best? Or does it have to match your own or your skin and eye colour

I am incredibly ignorant of anything like this so please take pity on me and talk slowly grin

nutellalover Thu 20-Sep-12 19:23:52

If you havent dyed your hair before, I would say match your natural colour. Put Vaseline around your hairline/forehead/ears to avoid colour on your skin and work from your roots, front hair line and then into your hair if you have long hair, take two packs!
I'd say go for a quality brand on offer! wink

JuliaFlyte Thu 20-Sep-12 19:24:37

What is your natural colour?

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Thu 20-Sep-12 19:47:50

Thanks nutella, Vaseline hey? I'd never have thought of that, see totally clueless grin

Julia my natural colour is mid to dark brown, and I'm very pale with blue eyes if that makes any difference?

cocolepew Thu 20-Sep-12 19:52:10

Be careful of dark browns they have a tendency to be very dark.

cerealqueen Thu 20-Sep-12 20:29:14

Go for a demi-permanent first like Casting, or as it gradually fades but will cover greys.
Go for a shade lighter then your normal colour as like coco says, browns come up scarily dark.

BonkeyMollocks Thu 20-Sep-12 20:34:55

Go for a 'ash' colour with your colouring.

Anything 'golden' will wash you out and you may find yourself piling on the make up to stop you looking like the walking dead!

<voice of experience!>

JuliaFlyte Thu 20-Sep-12 21:09:45

Yes if you want dark brown go for light brown, not even mid brown as it will be too dark. I would go for a semi-permanant initially, Clairol Nice & Easy is a good one.

NimpyWindowMash Thu 20-Sep-12 21:14:13

Semi-permanent is great especially for the first time you try it - it lasts about 6 weeks, in my experience, and fades quite subtly.

seabuckthorn Thu 20-Sep-12 21:44:55

I agree about ash!
Medium makes me a tad golden.

Mumelie Thu 20-Sep-12 22:02:53

Agree with all the above. Been home dying for 25 years (OMG) and have had many disasters! Start with a semi, Castings in good. Avoid the golden colours and go lighter than you think you need. I use Nice & Easy as a permanent colour as its less blanket like in tone. Good luck x

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 20-Sep-12 23:02:21

I am pale with blue eyes and I agree about the browns coming out very dark. I use the John Frieda foam one my natural colour is light brown or a dark blonde. I find a brown goes far too dark then as it lightens has a red tinge to it. So I use the dark blonde. When I used the other brands I ALWAYS needed two boxes now I use 1 of the foam stuff smile

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Fri 21-Sep-12 20:05:39

Thanks so much everyone

Lighter shade of brown
Ash colours not golden
And Vaseline

Got it, wish me luck grin

BonkeyMollocks Fri 21-Sep-12 20:08:59

Nice and easy: Medium ash blonde!

Have a Google! Kind of like a light brown. smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 21-Sep-12 20:28:44

Don't exceed the time limit either- it can make the dye too dense and look matt.

And after you've rinsed your hair and condition ( to seal the colour) don't wash your hair again for at least 2 days.

mewkins Fri 21-Sep-12 20:48:37

Nice and easy semi permanent is great! I use a mahogony brown as my hair is mousey and boring. It leaves it lovely and glossy. For hair longer than mid length, get two boxes and pay attention to behind your ears too as I have a tendency to neglect that and it can look patchy!

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